Is It time to give up? (ON HOLD!!!)

Halle is 13 years old, she loves her horse, Baylie, and lives in the busy city of Manhattan. Halle goes to the best school that money can buy, she has everything she could ever want. But it seems she is missing something. When Halle takes a hard fall, will she ever be able to get back in the saddle? Will she finally find what she is missing? Or will she be forced to give up what she loves the most, her horse, will she move on and find better things?


3. Chapter 3

   I'm siting on my bed finishing up my homework when my mom knocks on my door.

  "Come in!" I yell. The door opens and my mom walks in wear a black dress and holding a small purse.

  "Halle, Dale and I are going out tonight. I need you to watch Madison, I also told Ms. Fortworth that you would babysit her son Jonah tonight."

  "Oh, okay." Of course, she just offers me up. She always does this to me, goes out and sticks me with my bratty little sister. But this time I will have to watch another little bratty rich kid.

  "Jonah should be here in about half an hour. I'm sure you will be able to handle everything." My mo gives my a kiss on the cheek and walks out, closing the door behind her.

  I hurry up to finish my Math homework and shove my book in my school bag. I get up and walk to Madison's room and push open the door. she is 9 years old and thinks she is queen of the world.

  "What do you want?" She asks me with such hate in her voice. She doesn't like me, she is my mom's and Dale's child. 

  "Mom left me to babysit you." I tell her.

   "Well I don't need a babysitter." She says and gives me a look.

   "Yes you do, you're only 9. No one would trust you to do anything other than color a stupid picture, maybe even inside the lines." I am not a normally mean person. But when it comes to my sister, well then you see the other side of me. It was like a silent agreement we made when she was little. She hated me and I hated her.

   "Please, why don't you just go and ride your stupid pony."

  "Okay number one, it's a horse. Not a pony. And number two, it's way smarter than you."

  "Yeah right, it's an animal."

   "So are you. But this animal actually has a brain and can actually think for itself. Unlike you who has to have 'mommy' do everything for you."

   "I have a brain!"

   "Really? Prove it."

   "There is no way to prove it! I would have to cut open my skull! I would die then!"

   "Yeah, then all would be right in the world." With that I walked out. I knew I went a little overboard with the last part. But she deserved it, it's fine when she says something about me. But when it comes to Baylie, I have a zero tolerance for that. 

  I go downstairs to the living room and sit down on one of the long couches. Grabbing the remote I turn on the t.v. and flip through the channels finally finding a channel that is playing Pretty Little Liars reruns. I was so caught up in watching the show that I hadn't even looked at the time. The only thing that brought me back to reality was when the door bell rang.

  I got up from my comfortable position on the couch and slowly walked to the door. I opened it to reveal a little boy and a woman who looked like she was in her late 20's. 

  "You must be Jonah." I said crouching down to his level.

   "Yeah, do you have any food?" He asks me.

    "No, I was going to order a pizza. Do you like pizza?" 

   "Yes!" He screams and runs into the house.

   "Jonah!" The woman calls after him. "I'm sorry, he can be very energetic sometimes." The woman explains.

  "I have a little sister so I know how that is."

   "Yes, your mother told me about her. She seems like a very good child."

  "Most of the time.'

   "I guess every person has their moments."

  "Yeah." Every moment of Madison's life she had a 'moment'.

   She gave me a piece of paper with a number on it.

  "In case anything happens." I nod and she walks back to her car. I close the door and try to find where the kid went.

  "Jonah!" I call out. I walk to the kitchen to see if he was in there. Nope. I check the living room, nothing. I hear something move from under the staircase. I slowly walk around and see the little boy sitting there.

  "What are you doing?" I ask him. He look up at me and laughs. He jumps and runs into the living room. Yeah, this kid was very energetic. I follow him and see that he is jumping on one of the couches.

  "Jonah, get down from there." He shook his head, so I walked up to him. Caught him in the air and placed him on my hip. This kid was about 7 years old. 

  He wiggled around but I kept him close. "Are you hungry?" I ask him.

  "Yeah!" He smiles.

  I walk over to the kitchen and look through a drawer for a menu from the pizza place. I find it and grab my cell phone and dial the number.

  "Hello, I would like a medium cheese pizza." I was interrupted by Jonah screaming.

  "I want pepperoni!" I groan and shush him.

   "And a medium pepperoni pizza." I give the the address and hang up. I set down my phone and walk over to the living room. Jonah tries to wiggle out of my grasp so I set him on the couch.

  "Do you want to watch t.v?" I ask him. He nods his head and sits there. I turn the t.v. back on and flip through the channels. Finally he finds a show that he likes. I set the remote on a near by table and go find Madison, who is in her music room. She is learning to play the piano, but in all honesty. She can't play at all. 

  "I ordered some pizza." I tell her.

   She nods her head and says, "I will be down in a few minutes." I close the door and walk to the kitchen and get out a few plates and glasses. I pour myself a glass of tea and sit down on the couch next to Jonah. Soon Madison emerges from her music room and sits next to us. 

  "When will the food be here?" She asks. 

   "In a few minutes." I say. And I was right. A few minutes later the door bell rings for the second time that night. I grab Jonah before he could run to the door and place him on my hip. Madison shoots up and run to it.

  "MADISON!" I call after her. I run over to her and push her back, I open the door and find a boy about 15 standing there with two pizza boxes in his hands. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes.

  "How much? I ask him. 

   "$9.75" He says. Jonah squirms in my arms, I look at him but he won't stop.

   "Look's like you got your hands full." He says.

  "Yeah, you could say that. My mom decided to offer me up to babysit. And watch my little sister."

   "That sucks."

   "Yeah." I hand him the money and try to hold the pizza's but with Jonah in one hand and me trying to keep Madison back I can't grab it.

   "Do you want me to bring it in?" He asks with a chuckle.

   "That would be nice." I say, laughing. I open the door wider for him and he walks in and heads to the kitchen. I push Madison back into the living room and walk back to the kitchen. 

  "Thanks." I tell the guy, who was setting the pizzas on the counter. 

   "No problem." I shift Jonah to the other hip.

   "So, um what's your name?" The guy asks me.


    "My name's Jonah!" Jonah cries. That earns another laugh from the pizza guy.

   "Well I'm Harvey." He says.

   "Jonah, stop moving!" I tell Jonah who just kicked my side.

   "No!" He cries and starts kicking even more. I have to set him on the ground or he will really hurt me. He runs over to the pizza and pulls a box down. I run over to him and stop him.

   "I guess he's really hungry." I say.

   "Ha, yeah." Harvey says. I grab a plate and put a slice of pizza on it. I hand it to Jonah and he disappears into the living room. 

   "Don't get anything on the couch!" I yell. I shake my head and turn back to Harvey. 

    "Thank you for the help." I say to him with a smile. 

    "Your welcome. I'm sorry but you look around my age and I don't recognize you from school."

   "That's because I go to Willheart, it's a private school." I explain.

   "Oh, that makes sense."

   "I hope it does, if it didn't then that would be kinda weird."

    "Yeah, I guess. Well bye."

   "Bye." I say. He walks to the door and down the front steps. I close the door behind him and smile. He was really cute, it sucks that he didn't go to my school. 

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