Is It time to give up? (ON HOLD!!!)

Halle is 13 years old, she loves her horse, Baylie, and lives in the busy city of Manhattan. Halle goes to the best school that money can buy, she has everything she could ever want. But it seems she is missing something. When Halle takes a hard fall, will she ever be able to get back in the saddle? Will she finally find what she is missing? Or will she be forced to give up what she loves the most, her horse, will she move on and find better things?


2. Chapter 2

    I watched as the black car inched up the drive. It stopped in front of me and I got in the passenger door. 

  "How was your lesson?" My mom asked me. 

  "Pretty good. Jumped a lot, Baylie got a little fast."

   "You should be able to control that horse Halle. It isn't that hard, it is an animal and knows to listen to you."

  "It is an animal, it has a mind of it's own."

  "I am not paying good money for you to own and ride a horse that doesn't listen to you." She says in a huff as she backs out of the drive and slowly drives away.

   "She does listen, she just was having an off moment. She is a mare after all."

   "Halle, you know I don't understand you when you talk like that."

   "Yeah." I lean back in my seat and stay quite for the rest of the ride. She never understand me, she never has and never will. So many times I have tried to explain to her that riding isn't just a 'hobby' its a sport and something I love doing. That Baylie isn't going to be perfect all the time, she has a brain and has human qualities. But she never listens, she insists that I am doing something wrong or that we should get a new horse.

  I love Baylie and won't let her give her away for some stupid reason. So I don't usually tell her about my lessons, just say that it went well. But no, I had to open my mouth and say something was even a little off in my lesson. 

  We pulled up to my house, well house is an understatement, we pulled up to my mansion and got out of the car. I closed the door and ran up the front steps and flung open the door. Quickly I climbed the spiral staircase and walked down the hall to my room. Opening my bedroom door I threw my boots off and into my closet and sat down on my bed. 

  I opened my laptop and logged into Skype. Right away I saw that my best friend, Kandy, was online. I clicked on her profile and video called her. Right away she answered and her face popped up on my screen.

   "Hey gurlfriend!" She yells.

  "Haha, hey!"

   "So how was your ride this morning? I heard it was very nice in Manhattan." Kandy live in Michigan, very close to Detroit. Where I used to live before my mom married my step dad.

  "It was really good. Baylie got a little quick when I was trotting her. She also has a bad habit of rushing the last jump. Something I will definitely have to work on."

  "Bandit used to have the same problem. But we fixed it with your help of course." Kandy said with a laugh. Bandit was Kandy's gelding, completely black and very sneaky. Hence the name Bandit. 

  "Yeah, I will most likely use the same techniques as I did with Bandit. Remember when Starlight would always respond to verbal commands?" I asked her. Starlight was a school horse I rode back in Michigan. I couldn't afford my own horse then, but when my mom married my step dad Dale, we could since he was rich. 

  "Oh yeah! She nearly killed me when we were in front of you guys and she started galloping out of now where. We were only trotting, I have no clue where she got that from!"

  "Yeah, man I miss being there. It sucks here." I say with a sigh.

  "Girl, your rich! What could be better?"

  "Having some friends, being able to be around people that aren't all stuck up and think they are better than everybody." 

  "Well, I could always kidnap you and bring you back home!" this was Kandy, always crazy.

  "Your hose would be the first place my mom looked." 

   "True, oh we could go to California and live there. Buy a house on the beach, ride our horses on the beautiful sand." 

   "Kandy, back to reality. That will never happen, I can't even go out of the house with out having to report to my mom or Dale who I will be with, where, and for how long."

  "They are so protective. Your mom never used to be like that."

  "Yeah, I know. Things have changed, a lot."

   "I guess so, well I hate to cut this short. But I gotta go, going shopping with Macy today.

   "Okay, have fun."

   "Bye sista from another mista!"

    "Ha, bye Kandy!" I ended the call and closed my laptop. I got up and headed towards my bathroom. Which was decorated in blue and neon green. Two of my favorite colors, my shower curtain was purple with white clouds on it. I turned the water on hot and jumped in. Today would be a long day, I could already tell.

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