Is It time to give up? (ON HOLD!!!)

Halle is 13 years old, she loves her horse, Baylie, and lives in the busy city of Manhattan. Halle goes to the best school that money can buy, she has everything she could ever want. But it seems she is missing something. When Halle takes a hard fall, will she ever be able to get back in the saddle? Will she finally find what she is missing? Or will she be forced to give up what she loves the most, her horse, will she move on and find better things?


1. Chapter 1

      The wind blew through my hair as I cantered Baylie up to the fence. Making sure that I kept my heels down, I pressed my legs in more, making sure she will not run out on this jump. She gets a stride away, and soon she rocks back on her hind legs and shoots over the fence. I release, giving her enough rein to stretch her head. Making sure I get her on the correct lead, I circle her to the small barrel and take it with ease. I slow her down to a trot, easily posting to it, and rub her neck.

   "Good girl!" I exclaim. She really was, and she knew it. I walked her over to the other horses and stopped next to one of the girls, Kylie. Her black gelding fidgeted as I rode up next to them. I steered Baylie a little away from them and stopped completely in front of my coach.

   "That was a good course Halle. Make sure that Baylie doesn't rush the last jump, you know she has a tendency to do that." Coach Lane tells me.

   I nod my head, "Yeah, I could feel her getting quick. I didn't feel like it was much to correct. But I will work on that." I tell her.  She nods her head at me and then another girl, Jasmine, goes off to take the same course.

   I watch her ride, I notice that her shoulder creep up to her ears when she takes a jump. I wonder if I do that, her back looks perfect, straight, but not stiff. I doubt I look like that.  Her heels are perfectly down and stay glued to her horses side. I know I have trouble keeping a leg on Baylie. I have to stop comparing myself to other riders, but I can't help myself.

    When Jasmine finishes the course, she had the best time. And no faults, I look at my watch and see that my lesson is almost over. Coach Lane lets us trot around the arena for a while, of course posting without stirrups. I feel Baylie shift under me, pulling on the rein. Wanting to break into a canter. I gently pull back, making it clear that we are going to stay at this pace. But she pulls again, her ears go forward and she breaks into an uneven canter. 

    Great, I slip my legs back and touch her side, signaling to her that I need her attention. Her ears swivel back to me and I pull my ring fingers on the rein. She slows a bit, but is still at a canter. Baylie can be very difficult, I can feel everyone's eyes on me. My cheeks burn and I pull back more, but Baylie fights it. 

   I pull her out of the line we are in and circle her, making the circles get tinnier and tinnier. Her ears pin back in frustration, but she has to know that I am in charge. Not her.

  She slows to a collected trot, and I let her out of the circle. I look up and see Coach smiling at me. I smile to myself and give me a small silent cheer. I post nicely to the correct diagonal and scream in my head, I loved riding, and riding well is just great! 

   "Okay guys, give your horses some water, cool them off. And I will see you guys in two days!" Coach  Lane says. 

   I slow Baylie down and swing off from the saddle. I hit the ground and take off my helmet and clip it to the stirrups. I run them up and loosen the girth, and I go on the other side and do the same. I give a small tug on the rein and lead Baylie out of the arena and down towards her stall. 

   We slowly enter, and I close the door behind us. I clip on a halter on her neck and quickly takeoff her bridal. I put the halter on all the way and move on to finishing untacking her. I take off her girth and place it over the stall door. I take the saddle and find a brush so I can clean it. I place the saddle in a cover so it won't get dirty, I remove the pads off of Baylie's back and place them in the bin outside the stall. I take off the wraps on her back legs and toss them into a basket. 

   Once she is fully untacked I lead her out of the stall and find a lead rope. I clip it on and bring her to the wash stalls outside. I hose her down, starting from the feet.  And work my way up, the cool water making her brown coat look a dark black. I turn off the hose and let her dry a little before letting her out into the paddock. 

   I watch her run around with the others horses, in pure happiness. I sigh and return to her stall to put away all of her things. I head to the tack room to put away her saddle, when I hear Jasmine and Kylie talking.

   "Well we can't have her beating us at competition!" I hear Jasmine squeal.

   "She can't, she isn't good enough." Kylie says in a huff.

   "You never know, I mean where did she pull that lead change from I can never get Conner to do a lead change after he picks one up." Jasmine says.

    "I have no clue, but we do need out watch out for her." 

  Great, just what I need. Two girls against me, my 'team mates' I sigh and walk back to the stall. I guess I will just keep my things in my bin for now.

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