The Bestfriend ( A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brianna has known Harry since they were in diapers. They did everything together and , until they have to move away from each other. She`s always had a crush on him and he never knew as the same with him , he always had a crush on her but never told her . But that was the past . When it`s Harry`s "21" ( for the sake of the story he is 21 ) Birthday , Harry doe something that Brianna would have never thought he`d do. Will he get her back? Read to find out!


4. "Yay!, what a great way to spend your birthday!" (Sarcasm)

Zayn`s P.O.V

When Brianna said that this might be the start of Ziarry Marcia ( Our Ship Name ) my heart stopped. And the best part about it she leaned in and kissed my lips. We walked away hand in hand and were about to get in the car but Harry came running towards us. Oh great what is he gonna do know kiss a paparazzi?

Harry`s P.O.V

When Zayn picked up Brianna and kissed her, my blood boiled inside of my skin. How dare he even touch her!? " Ashley I`m sorry that didn`t mean nothing"  I said to her( The girl I kissed ) and she nodded." Go get her tiger" She said and smiled.All of me drunk was gone, I was completely fine now I needed to get my Brianna back.  I ran out to find them walking hand in hand. " BRIANNA WAIT PLEASE I`M SORRY!" I yelled running trying to catch up to her. I finally reached her and she blinked away her tears. " Please forgive me , i didn`t mean anything that happened." I said tears threatening to pour out any minute.  "Harry but why?" " Why did you do it? I understand you were drunk but I wouldn`t have done that I knew you knew... But still the thing is that you did what you did.... You cheated... on your girl friend, your best friend, but most of all the person that loved you with their heart and would do anything for you , fall off a cliff, commit suicide  -" Brianna stop you wouldn`t commit suicide for me" I cut her off before saying anymore horrible things. And then she pulled a pocket knife from her pocket book and put it up to her throat. " Say I wont because Harold you know I will , You know I HATE it when people say I can`t do something." She cried as she quivered her hand shaking along with her chin. The people around us gasped and yelled" NO!" I grabbed the knife and threw it on the ground. I grabbed her wrists and whispered : " I love you no matter what" . " I love you " I repeated. " I loved you" She said before going into the car . I watched the car drive away into the sparkling moonlight. I sighed and huffed to myself " " Yay!, What a great way to spend your birthday!" ( Sarcasm )I hated myself now. I hurt the world`s most sweetest , kind, cute, innocent girl that lived.


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