The Bestfriend ( A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brianna has known Harry since they were in diapers. They did everything together and , until they have to move away from each other. She`s always had a crush on him and he never knew as the same with him , he always had a crush on her but never told her . But that was the past . When it`s Harry`s "21" ( for the sake of the story he is 21 ) Birthday , Harry doe something that Brianna would have never thought he`d do. Will he get her back? Read to find out!


2. The Club

Brianna`s P.O.V

( 7 hours later )

"Harry you ready!? I yelled from down stairs waiting for Harry to come down stairs." Yeah i`m coming!" He yelled sliding down the railing and ended up falling on his face. "OH MY GOD! " I laughed hysterically bending over , trying to help him up. "Oww , Ha ha ha so funny" He said smirking , as he rubbed his head. "Here i`ll give it a kiss to make it better" I said grabbing his cute , baby face and kissing it. " I Love You Curly" I said hugging him. " I Love You too Bri Bri" He said hugging me tighter. He whispered sweet little things in my that could just brighten my day when I`m upset or sad. He was like that where he could make me smile with just him laughing. We stayed in the same position hugging tightly , resting each others head on each other`s shoulder talking. " Harry do you remember when I asked you if you`ve ever kissed someone and you said no , and I said me too that I`ve never kissed someone and then you told me you loved me and I said I love you forever and always will, and then you asked me to go out with you and our mothers were beyond happy, and we`ve been dating ever since we were 12?"I asked smiling about the thought, I remembered it like it was yesterday. " Yeah that`s a moment I will never forget, when I said I loved you I meant it and I still do ..., love you" He said let me face him. " Your amazing you know?" I asked him looking into his sparkling eyes, they were always full of life."Yes , but your more amazing" He said to me leaning in kissing my nose. I did I mention we kiss a lot . Then suddenly the door swung open. " Hi Boys!" I said running to Zayn we were always the closest best friends. Harry`s best friends were my best friends, and I never stopped loving them one bit."Hey Bri!" Zayn yelled hugging me. I moved onto Louis. He was my "Partner In  Crime" we always goof with each other. From pranking other people with each other to pranking each other , we did it all."PARTNER!!!" I yelled jumping on Louis. " Hi Bri Bri BOO!" Lou said wrapping me in his arms. As soon as he released me , at the same time we put finger guns to our mouth and blew on it and then looked forward and yelled: "BANG , BANG!". We did that all the time. "Bri what about me?!" Liam sang motioning for me to come over and give him a hug. " Hi Li!" I said hugging him tightly.Liam and me are also really close we was so sweet, He watched me when I was sick if Harry couldn`t. Liam was seriously my Toy Story buddy." Is Dani , and Eleanor coming!?!" I asked mentioning my best female friends. " Yeah were gonna pick them up" Niall said hugging my by my side. " Whats up Nialler?!" I said getting out of his hug. " Nothing much , well ready to go ?""OH! Yeah There`s paps outside and fans" Niall said opening the door." WAIT! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAZZA !" We all yelled at the same time.He blushed and smiled. " Thanks guys" He replied as he slipped  his arm around my waist. " Yeah lets go" He said leading everybody out the door. " I made sure I locked it before we left. As soon as I left the front door screams filled my ears , but I was used to it I`m dating one  out of five of the world`s most famous boy band One Direction. " I LOVE BRIARRY!!" "Brianna + Harry = True Love!<3" Was plastered all over posters that the girls were holding including some boys. ( I HAVE 1000% RESPECT FOR BOY Directioners! Now back to the story) We were escorted to a Black SUV By Paul." He Paulz" I said to him. " Hey Brizi" He replied with a little laugh. I get on with a lot of people well kinda not including the mean fans that hate my guts for some  reason I will never find out .We hopped in and before I knew it we driving on the highway.

                                                         ~1 hour later~

"I`m gonna go to the bathroom OKAY!"I yelled over the loud, bumping music coming out of the speakers plastered everywhere. " M`KAY!" Danielle yelled back , as she scurried back over to Eleanor to dance some more. I ran over to Harry to tell him that I`ll be back and I would be in the bathroom. I finally found Harry dancing crazily and told him : "I`ll be in the bathroom okay ?!"  "Sure . Yeah , okay " A very drunk Harry slurred. I ran off to the bathroom and did my personal business . After I was done I turned the cold water on  from the silver sink. I washed my hands with orange scented soap. I exited the bathroom and tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn`t believe what my eyes just saw , I couldn`t believe anything right now.


Oooo! Cliffyy Hanggerrr!!

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