The Bestfriend ( A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Brianna has known Harry since they were in diapers. They did everything together and , until they have to move away from each other. She`s always had a crush on him and he never knew as the same with him , he always had a crush on her but never told her . But that was the past . When it`s Harry`s "21" ( for the sake of the story he is 21 ) Birthday , Harry doe something that Brianna would have never thought he`d do. Will he get her back? Read to find out!


3. I Had To do it

Brianna`s P.O.V

Harry was kissing some blonde. My smile turned as soon as I saw what he was doing. Tears pricked at my eyes and I couldn`t help but let them spill out my eye sockets. Tears ran down my cheeks. Him kissing her wasn`t the worst about him kissing her ,who ever she was the worst part was that he didn`t even notice I was there.I ran past him crying my heart out. I ran to the first person I saw. Zayn. " Bri what , why are you crying?" He asked me loudly. Thank God he wasn`t drunk. " I JUST WANNA GO HOME! TO YOUR PLACE I MEAN" I said stuttering over my cries. " Okay , love were leaving It`s alright princess." He whispered in my ear. He picked me up bridal style and kissed my cheek. " Can I go say bye to the girls?" I said to him lifting my head from his chest. "Yes but I`m still carrying you" He said with a smile. We passed Harry still making out with the blonde. That made me feel even better, but I had to do something . I faced Zayn and smashed my lips on his. We kissed perfectly. Sparks flew through my body and I was actually enjoying it . A LOT.


Zayn`s P.O.V

When Brianna ran over to me crying , I wondered what happened but there was no time for that , I picked her up and rocked her in my arms, as I kissed her teary cheek. " Can I go say bye to the girls ?" She asked  still crying. "Yes but I`m still carrying you" I said with a smile. And then out of  no where she kissed me. I was shocked but kissed back her lips were sweet and soft.She wrapped her legs around my waist as I continued kissing her. Our tongues wrestled each others.  Our mouths departed as we finally reached the girls . " I`m gonna go-go I`m sorry - I - have to I`ll be - ah - at Zayn`s house ." She cried to the girls I just held her tighter and closer  to me, I never wanted to let her go. " Why whats wrong?!" Danielle and Eleanor yelled." It`s Ha-rry he was making out- and touching some blonde." She sniffled."That dick!" Eleanor yelled. " Yeah he needs some sense knocked into 'em! " Danielle yelled loudly. I hate Harry right now. How could he do that to the most sweetest girl in the world. She never did anything wrong. He was truly and utterly a huge idiot.I hope he knew " Okay bye babe" Danielle and Eleanor said waving at Brianna. I walked around to find the exit and then I noticed what made her upset and It made me upset for her even more. He was still kissing that stupid blonde. Brianna jumped down from my arms and walked up to Harry.

Brianna`s P.O.V

I jumped out of Zayn`s arms and walked over to Harry. " You cheating man whore!" I yelled in his face. I slapped my across his face and whispered in his ear: " You messed up big time, have nice twenty first birthday you asshole." And slapped him once again.  "Jessica I DIDN`T MEAN IT!" He  yelled rubbing his red face where I hit him with my hand. "Then why did you do it?!" " YOUR LYING I`M NOT STUPID!" I yelled loudly throwing my hands up in frustration ."Zayn, can we go.." I said walking towards him trying not to punch Harry in his face. " Yeah lets go"He said and kissed my forehead. He lifted me bridal style as he hummed "More than this" in my ear. We left the club and paparazzi showered around us. " BRIANNA WHAT HAPPENED?!" "BRIANNA WHY ARE YOU CRYING!?" "WHAT HAPPENED TO BRIARRY!?" " IS THIS THE START OF ZAIRRY?!"  I jumped from Zayn`s arms and said in front of the camera: "Yes this is probably the start of Ziarry  Marcia". Then I kissed his lips softly and walked away with him hand in hand.

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