Nobody Compares

When Zayn meets Katie at Starbucks in London while he was on vacation, its love at first site but she doesn't feel quite the same way. During the last few months of vacation Zayn tries to make her love him as much as he loves her, mix in lies, drama, and tears and you've got their relationship.


1. Love At First Site

Kaite's P.O.V

As I walked into Starbucks there was a bigger crowd than usual. I squeezed through the crowd that was blocking the door and lined up. Through the corner of my eye I seen someone familiar but couldn't quite put a name to his face. When i got to the front of the line I ordered my usual, a cinnamon mocca late, with whip cream and coconut shavings. I was on my way out the door, when the familiar face bumped right into me, knocking my late all over me. How wonderful. Now, not only was my late all over me, but I realized the name that belonged to the face. Zayn Malik. Another member of those stupid, gay, little boy, bands. He immediately started to apologize. I rolled my eyes and nodded. He grabbed my hand and told me he'd take me to his flat to get cleaned up. 

"Look, I'm fine, OK  I have work in an hour, just leave me be", I said as I turned on my heal to walk out the door, but he grabbed my arm again.

"Hey, hey, I feel bad, let me take you back to my flat, and I'll give you my clothes", he said sweetly in his thick Bradford accent.

"But I have work...", I could feel myself giving in to his warm eyes, and adorable accent.

"I'll call your boss and make arrangements", he said, it sounded like he was desperate.

"But.. but I won't get paid and I really need the money, I can't just cut off work Zayn", Oh shit, I was really starting to give in, I shouldn't of even said his name.

"I'll give you the money you need for the day, just come with me?", now I knew he really wanted me to come with him. 

"I'll feel guilty about taking your money", I said, it was the complete truth.

"Come on, We'll figure it out", he took my hand and smiled, but this time I didn't resist, it wouldn't do any good anyway, he'd just grab it again. 

We walked on out the door, and the minute we stepped outside, the cold air hit me like a ton of bricks. Mix the winter air with my recently wetted hoodie, and you get me shivering and chattering my teeth. Zayn hugged me closer to him, but I resisted, I wasn't going to let him get me that easily. I just walked with my hand in his, resisting the slightest, but he had a firm grip. He was attractive, and I absolutely loved his accent, but I promised myself before I even stepped on the plane to London, I would not fall in love with anyone, in fear of leaving, and never seeing them again, so I couldn't let him win me over. He hugged me again, and I was so cold, and he was just so warm, I just wrapped my arms around his waist, not making a big deal out of it. I chanced a glance at Zayn, and he was already looking at me, smiling away. I smiled back at him, then stopped myself, and looked back down at the ground. All of a sudden Zayn hoisted me over his shoulder and started runing.

"ZAAA-YNN", you screamed giggling a little. 

"I WILL SAVE YOU FROM HYPOTHERMIA, STAND ASIDE CITIZENS", he yelled at a group of elderly's as we- or technically he ran by, they scolded us and moved outa the way. I laughed and jumped down. I was giggling so hard, I hadn't realized that Zayn had snaked his arm around my waist. I liked it, but I couldn't fall in love with him, so I hugged him quickly, and grabbed his hand, so he wouldn't feel bad. 

Zayn P.O.V 

She pulled away, and grabbed my hand, but I knew something was wrong, but I'll ask her about it when we get settled at the flat, hopefully she'll get tired and stay the night. She started to lean closer and I looked up and noticed why, you were walking past the lake, and she was stepping closer to me and away from the water. 

"Scared of the water too, huh?" I said smiling down at her. 

"No, why would you say that?" her cheeks were red, and she was clearly embarrassed. 

"Don't worry love, I am too", I laughed at her adorable embarrassment.

"I- I am not", she was embarrassed again.

I hugged her tightly and she finally gave in and hugged back, it felt right. We had so much in common. Or at least one thing. 


***********Author Notes***********

So, me and my friend IrishEyes decided to write each other's chapter. I wrote her 10th and she wrote my first :) Check out her Movella; 

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