love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


8. War

Ruby's point of view:

I wake up to the sun in my face. "Gahh". I don't have my ring on. I rush out of bed and into the dark. Does this count as trouble? Will Louis come to my rescue?  I hope not. I take full advantage of my telepathy and talk to him.

"Did you get a tingle? Nothing is wrong. Just wondering."

"Yeah i did. Are you sure everything is OK? You didn't sleep with your ring on did you?"

"No. I didn't. Just don't come over OK? I can solve this myself."

I rush through the sunlight and over to my dresser. I grab my ring and put it on. "Whew!"  I walk downstairs and look at the counter. Human food. Nothing looks good to me. I grab a muffin so i wont upset my mother. "Oh my gosh. What did you do to your face?" She ran over to me and grabbed it. I pushed her hand away. "Nothing". "Hunny. It looks burnt". "I probably ate some bad food yesterday or something. Its no big deal."  I grabbed my bag and keys and ran out the door.

I sat In my car, I put the keys into ignition and drive away. I need food. I go into the Forrest where Louis lives and decided to go hunting. The first thing i lay my eyes on is a deer. I lunge at it and catch its leg. I trip it and bite into its neck.

Mhhh. Tasty. I have never felt so rejuvenated like this before. I was reluctant at first to this whole drinking blood thing but now I feel complete. I walk towards the edge of the Forrest and to my car. As i am making my descent through the trees i hear subtle footsteps behind me. I look over my shoulder and realized i am being followed. I have to think fast. I am closer to Louis's place than my car. That is where i must go. I bolt in the opposite direction of my car. I try to talk to Louis. "Out to hunt. Being followed. Need help asap. Running towards your place."  He answers not even two seconds later. "Outside. What direction are you coming from?"  I don't know where i am. I see the river and decide that is good enough. "Not sure. I see the river i use to get to your house."  I continue to run. I look over my shoulder for only a moment and see my pursuer is almost upon my heels. I pick up speed but he does as well. I am praying Louis understood my directions. He has not answered yet. This either means he is looking for me and can not locate me or he had no idea what i was saying and forgot to respond. I decide to change my path. There is no way he can know what i an going to do next. I make a sharp right and run along the river. No sign of Louis. That worries me. I quickly look behind myself again and see that he is reaching out to grab me. I thought that by turning i would throw him off but it only threw me off. I continue to run parallel to the river when i trip on a branch. I fall over and tumble into the water. I never realized how deep the river i was. I sink to the very bottom. I claw my way up but my pursuer is on top of me. I try to push him off but the current is not helping. I hear someone above the water screaming. It is muffled but i can hear my name. I think it is Louis. No one else would have known i was here. I try to bite my attacker but when i open my mouth water rushes in. I need to save my air. I feel Louis jump into the water but i am loosing consciousness.

Louis's point of view:

I jump i to the river to ruby's rescue. Someone is on top of her. I wouldn't have known she was in there if i weren't for her hair. The red streaks at the bottom of a black river. Her attacker goes up for air. This is the time to save her. I figure that if he overpowered ruby then he could over power me just the same. I dive under and grab her hand. I pull her onto the solid earth and try to get her breathing again. Every once in a while i look over to her attacker. He is breathing heavily under a tree. Once he regains his breath he runs away from us. Now that i don't have to worry about him i can focus on ruby. I start to give her CPR but there is no improvement. I pick her up and run inside. I call harry"you and Kylin need to get to my place as soon as possible."  Kylin immediately got protective. "What did you do to her this time?"  "Me? Nothing. She was hunting and she noticed she was being followed she made a beeline for my house but he tripped her and she went into the water. He drowned her."  "Was it a wolf?"  Harry asked puzzled. "I cant tell. As soon as i saw him he was human. I smelled wet dog. So i guess it is entirely possible." Kylin was the next to talk."Do you know what this means Louis?  Him drowning her?  This is war."

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