love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


3. vampirism

Ruby's point of view:

I woke up on the floor of Louis's living room. I get up and try and locate him. I cant seem to find him. I  grab a cookie from the counter. "Bleck" i spit it out in the sink. Nasty! I throw up in the bathroom. Thats odd. I go over to the sink and washed my face. I look up in the mirror but i cant see myself.




I grab my head and wave at the mirror. I put my hands on the mirror but nothing shows up. I walk outside and scream. Louis runs up to me and hugs me from behind. I turn around and throw him against a tree.


"What is wrong with me?  I cant eat cookies, i cant see myself in the mirror, i am obviously strong enough to push you off of me now. Did you give me steroids Louis?"

 I stood there in the middle of a snow storm yelling at him through the wind.

"And I'm not even cold right now!!"

 "I killed you last night ruby. I murdered you."

 "But i am right here Louis!! Are you suggesting that i am a ghost?!?!"

 "A vampire. You are a vampire ruby."

 I ran towards him and pinned him against the tree.  This is when i realized something.

"When you pushed me yesterday. That strength wasn't from your biceps was it?"


"Great. Just great. On my BIRTHDAY LOUIS? Really? Was that necessary today?"

 "I told you that i couldn't be with you on your birthday ruby!! Didn't i?"

 I sighed. He is blaming this on me. I turned around and ran home.

"Where are you going?!?!"  

"Home! I have a birthday party that i kinda need to be at."

Although my parents are making cakes, cookies, and a whole bunch of appetizers all i can smell is blood.
I go to open my door but i get burnt. What?!  I ring the doorbell and my little brother opens it.

"Hey Tommy. Can i come in?"

 "Why do you have to ask me? It is your house."

 "Well i want you to escort me. Is that OK?"

 "Yay! Come on in miss. Ruby Underwood."

He reached out and grabbed my hand. I slowly walked through the door hoping that it had worked. Indeed it did. "My room please." He helped me upstairs and i ran in to my room and shut the door.

"Thanks tom!"

I can see the sun trying to poke through the clouds in my window.  Dark turns to day. I slowly reach my hand out and walk over to my window. For what feels like minutes of anticipation i feel calm. As soon as i hit the ray of light i burn my fingertips. I instantly pull my hand back to examine it. Burnt. OK, so here is what i have gathered so far. I might kill someone today, all i can smell is blood, i cant go outside if it is sunny, i am super fast and strong, i cant get inside a house without first being asked, and last but not least. I am dead. Happy birthday to me.

Louis's point of view:

I wait inside my home for the tingle that tells me i need to run to ruby's side and help her, but it never comes. I have to think that she has done something stupid already. Not to bash her or anything but she is new at this. I run to her house and up to her room. I doubt she would be anywhere else right now. I wave to people as i make my way to the stairs. Once out of sight i run to her room an burst the door open. She is laying on her bed. Not normal though. There is only a sliver of mattress not covered in sunlight.  I walked over to her and tried to touch her hair. Without even looking her hand shoots up and stops mine. I stand there stunned for a moment. "You cant pretend that you are ok with this for one more minute ruby. I know your not."  "Eight months. Eight. That is how long you have gone without killing me. Why today?"  A single tear runs down her cheek. "Because it is your birthday ruby. On a persons birthday their blood changes. It makes them more vulnerable. After the day of your birth you become stronger so it is harder to kill them. I told you that i couldn't be with you today for a reason. So i wouldn't kill you. "

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