love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


6. Killing an Innocent Man

Louis's point of view:

I was opening the window when i felt a tingle. "What was that Lou?"  "Its ruby. Thats my sign for her."  "RUBY? Where are you. Seriously. Come back. We need back up. RUBY?!?!?"  I ran as fast as i could to kylin's side, as did harry.  "A dog has her. She just talked to me. In my head. I heard it. I swear. It is her."  She closed her eyes and scrunched up in a ball. I think she was trying to talk back. "Come on ruby. I need a signal so i can track you."  Harry and i just looked at her. If she couldn't get ruby to talk back to her then we would have to track their scents. "They are headed west. Towards the old church. They have a good ten minute lead on us."  She took off running down the hall an out into the snow.

Ruby's point of view:

She talked back!  It does work. I am in an old abandoned church. I escape his grips and have run into the bathroom. I need a plan. If i want to be an experienced vampire i need to fight. I slowly turn the knob and lunge out. No one in sight. I take a few more steps out into the open. Then i see it. Running at me. I turn towards it and he rams into me. We go rolling backwards. I get my fangs to come out. This boosts my self-esteem a little. I bite its neck and it lets go of me. It goes into a fettle position on the floor. Then he turns to his original form. Human. I burst out in tears and look down at him. I start to collapse on the floor but i am caught. Familiar hands help keep me on my feet. I burry my head into him and cry. "Louis, I killed him."  "Shh. Its OK."  "I killed him."  I whimpered. Kylin grabbed me from Louis and helped me outside. I turned back to see Louis and harry helping him up. "Wait. What are they doing?" "He isn't dead. Just the nasty dog part died. He is OK. He is human again."  I loosened her grip in me and ran back inside. He was laughing with harry and Louis. I ran at Louis and rammed into him. "YOU LET ME THINK I KILLED HIM?!?!"  "Ruby, you are going to kill someone some day. You need to be prepared. Sure he isn't dead but if you thought he was they you would be one step closer to not feeling anything when you kill someone. ". "You could have told me!"  "Stop ruby. Just calm down. You are stronger than you look. " I got up off of him and ran back to my house. "Wait Ruby!" Kylin yelled for me to stop.

I walk inside and slam my room door shut. I lock it and jump onto my bed. I start to sob into my pillow. I feel subtle nudging at my feet. I look up and see my dog sitting at my feet nudging them with his head. "Come on Cookie." He jumped up and sat on my back. He us lucky he is a small Pomeranian.  I reach over and pet him. He got up so i could flip over. Once i did he sat on my face. I picked him up and put him outside my door. My mother was standing there with Ella holding onto her jeans. "I heard you crying. Is everything OK with Louis?"  "I don't know mom. Honestly. Its not him. Its just well, me."  "No Hun its never you. You are not the problem."  "I cant be like him mom. I am trying but i just cant. This is a huge change for me."  "The only thing a boy should want to change about you is your last name."  "It was an accident mom." "Nothing is ever an accident ruby." I grab my door and shut it. "This was." I pop my fangs out and touch them with my finger. "At least i hope". I let my voice trail off.
I plopped back onto my bed and fell asleep.

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