love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


14. Hospital, Round Two

Chapter. 14

Louis's point of view:

I am cleaning my house when i get a strange tingle. Ruby is in trouble. I grab my keys and walk out the door. Her father is at my porch, his hand out to knock.

 "What a pleasant surprise mr. Underwood."

 "I cant say i feel the same louis."

 "Ruby told you? Look sir i am sorry. But i do love her."

 "Dont worry. I took care of it."

 "It? You mean the baby?"

"It is being taken care of as we speak".


 I push past him but he grabs my arm and holds me there.


"Ruby needs me. I know you may hate me but i don't hate you. And i am sure you want your daughter safe. As do i."


 He releases my arm and i sprint towards my car.

I arrive at the hospital and sniff out ruby. I open the door to the room she is in. She is unconscious on the hospital bed. Blood is everywhere. I take a deep breath and remember my promise to everyone. Not to kill ruby again. I shake her subtly but she does not stir. I call a doctor in.

"Why? What happened here?"

 "Her father ordered an abortion".


 I have never wanted to kill someone before. Not before this at least. I want her father out of the picture. I talk to Kylin in my head as i am listening to the doctor.


 "Louis! Ruby is in the hospital. I had another vision. She kicked the doctor in the face and they put her under so when they tried to operate she wouldn't be awake."


I storm out. Before i slam the door i hear ruby say my name. I turn on my heels and walk back inside her room. She is reaching her hand out to me as far as she can. I unstrap her and hold her in my arms.


 "You need to learn not to kill the nurses".

 " i don't want an abortion louis. I just don't."

' I wont let that happen. I love you. You will not get an abortion. Not while i am still alive".

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