love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


5. Dog

Ruby's point of view:

"Well yeah i guess."

 "Ruby! He killed you. Did he tell you why at least?"

 "He said because it was my birthday."

 "You went to his house on your birthday?"

 "I slept over because i had a head injury. Right here is all cut up."


 I put my hand to where i was injured but nothing was there. It had healed.


"You are a vampire ruby! When you get injured like that it just heals."  

"Whatever Kylin. I just wanted to know what your signs were when the other is in trouble."

 "You know about that already ruby?"


 Harry asked.


 "Louis told me. He said that his is a tingle that runs through his entire body."

 "Well, my finger pops out of socket. It is odd actually. Whats yours babe?"

 "My finger starts to have spasms."

 "So because Louis's is a tingle i should get something close to that? Like a twitch?"

 "It could be anything rue. That is why you have to be careful. Something bad could happen and you could reveal yourself."  

"Like what ky?"

 "I had a friend whose fangs would pop out when her changer was in trouble. That could happen to you."

I left the shed to return to my party. It took me a while to find Louis again. He was arguing with someone.


"Whats wrong here?"  



They both shouted at me simultaneously. I got in between Louis and the other person.


"Were you invited?"

 "Im not a dirty vampire. I don't need to be invited in."


He growled back at me.


"Well you are also not a guest so you need to leave."


 I pushed him to the front of my house.


"I am serious. You were not invited."

 "Your vampire boyfriend will regret this."  


I quickly ran back to louis.


"Who was he? And he knows about you?"

 "A wolf. I am surprised he couldn't smell you too. There are a lot of vampires at this party. Did he say anything?"

 "Just that my vampire boyfriend would regret this."

"He is bad news ruby. Stay away from him. And any other wolfs ok?"



I grabbed his hand and continued to make the rounds. Saying hello. Thanks for coming. All of that perfect hosting stuff.

*time skip. Party is over*

Louis, Kylin, and harry stayed behind to help clean up. There were cups all over, garbage, and a few shoes i think. To be honest. My party wasn't all that fun for me. I was too busy worrying about that wolf. Every time i hear a howl i jump. I know that i am a vampire now but it still makes me nervous. Somehow he is going to get back at Louis. But what did Louis do to upset him? And why was he here at my party anyway? Was it because of all the vampires?  After everything was all cleaned up everyone went upstairs to my room. Kylin did something to the door and walls to make them soundproof. We all stood in a circle to talk.

K: "why louos?  Serriously? She was perfect being a human."

L: "i threw her against a wall and her head had a huge gash in it. She passed out in the snow and i had to keep her at my place. Do you know what her mother would have done to her?"

K: "what ever she would have done would have been better than what you did."

H:  "calm down hun"

K: "NO. He killed my best friend. He took her life away. Not cool"

H:  "i took your life babe."

K: "thats different. I wanted you to. Based on what i am hearing he changed her because it was her birthday."

R: "if you listened you would know what really happened."

L:  "don't move. No one move."

R: "oh yeah. Because obviously if you move i will spring on you and kill you. Thanks louis."

K: " he is being serious ruby. Something is going on."

H: "i smell it too"

R: "what is going on guys?"

L:  "shh. Sorry ruby but seriously. Be quiet."

R,H,K,L:  ........

Outside: *rustling branches *

R: "i smell it now too"

Harry lunges on Kylin and i and shoved us out of my room. Kylin gets back in but tells me to stay.


"I am not a dog ky!"


 I heard her chuckle. I look through a crack in the door and watch them.


"Get out Kylin. I need you safe."

 "The more vamps you have the better. Not you ruby. Experienced vampires only."


 She was reading my mind. I cant see anything. It is too dark. I can see their silloets but nothing else.  I see them in fighting positions but can not see what they are looking at.


"Are we positive we heard something?"  

"Yeah. Ky. Positive. I smelled a dog too."


 I have the feeling i am being watched so i turn around. There is a huge wolf standing behind me. Before i can react it has my mouth covered and is carrying me down the hall. I try and bite him but i cant seem to get my fangs to come out. I try to listen to them talking for as long as i can. My hearing is kind of like a walkie talky. I can hear them until i am too far away.


"Should we go outside and check? I mean i don't hear or smell it anymore."

 "Lou and i will go. You go get ruby. She cant be experienced if we keep her out of everything. Ya know?"

 "Yeah. You guys going out the window?"

 "Yuppers. Love you kylin."  

"Love you too harry."

I am out of reach now. U wonder if i can still talk to kylin. I try to talk to her through my mind. "Dog. I am with a dog. Sos. Help. He is a big dog!"  


No responce. I wonder if it even works.

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