love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


11. Details...

Ruby's point of view:

I get up out of the hospital bed and wash my face. That stupid dog tried to kill me. I take a towel and lightly dab my face dry. I turn on my heel and notice a glimpse of something in the mirror. I turn around again and see that it is my own reflection. I touch my face to insure it is real. That what i am seeing is truly real. It is. This is not a dream. I kiss the mirror and grab my clothes. I change out of my goen and leave the room. I see louis, Kylin, and harry hugging in the hall. I run up to them and join in the hug. Kylin turns around and sighs into my ear. She wraps her arms around me. "Your alive."  "I'm standing here aren't i?"  "No i mean like feel your heart." I slowly lift my hand up to my chest and feel my heart beating. Bum. Bum bum bum. Bum. Bum bum. I look down at my hand and smile. Kylin lifts my head and grabs my hand. She takes my other hand and holds them in hers. I see tears forming in her eyes. "Your human again ruby." I give in to the joy in the room and i leap into Louis's arms. He kisses me upon my lips while spinning in a circle.

*back at Louis's place. Kylin and harry have gone home.*

"You are not going to kill me again are you louis?"

"No ruby. I will be able to contain myself as long as its not your birthday."

"I never got my birthday present from you by the way."

"Are you sure you want it this early?"

"Early? My birthday was two days ago. Its late."

"I mean the present i am going to give you is suppose to be given at night."

"Oh. Well. Yes i want it now."

Louis takes of my shirt. I will spare you the rest of the details.

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