love bites

Ruby Underwood is a beautiful and intelligent seventeen year old. her story starts with her 18th birthday party. her boyfriend of 8 months, Louis Tomlinson, happens to have a secret that he can not share with ruby. Unfortunately it does come out at midnight on ruby's birthday!


4. DEAD, Ruby! DEAD!

Ruby's point of view:

"Don't worry. I am going to help you through this OK?"

 "Do you think i want your help Louis? After you did this to me? I don't think so."


i tried to run out but he stopped me at the door.


"And where are you going to go?"

 "I don't know. My party in the backyard maybe?!"

 " OK i will tell the sun to go back behind the clouds then."

 " stop that. Its not funny."


I sat back down on the tiny sliver of darkness on my bed.


"What am i suppose to do?"


 He took a ring out of my pocket and placed it on my finger.


" no! I wont marry you. Not in a million years. And trust me. I can wait that long now. "


he laughed at me.


"This isnt funny louis."

"I am not asking you to marry me silly."


 He tried to pull me into the sun. I grabbed my door knob and tried to stay out of the sun. He loosened my grip and held me in the sunlight. I pressed myself against him  praying. That i would have a painless death. I stayed there holding his shirt, but nothing happened.

He slowly pushed my head away from him. No death. No slow painful burning up in flames. I smiled and kissed him.


"This makes so much sense now!  All of the times you left when i had a nose bleed or a cut on my leg. You are a vampire. Blood doesn't make you queasy. You just didn't want to change me. All those times where i had to leave your house and go home. All those times was for my sake. Not yours. You were just looking out for me."


He smiled and i kissed him again.


"All for you ruby. you don't know how happy i am that i don't have to hide my secret any longer from you."

 "But now we both have to keep it from everyone else."

 "Plus now you are stuck with me forever. We will always know what is going on with the other."  


 "Like if the other is in trouble we will know."  


 "Well ruby, when you are in trouble i get a tingle that runs through my body until i help you. When you passed out in the snow i go one."  

"But i wasn't a vampire then. How?"

 "I guess because i care for you? Not sure. But you will know. You will get a feeling. Everyone is different. Ask Kylin. I am sure she could tell you what hers is. "

"MY BEST FRIEND IS A VAM-  one of us?"



I was about to start talking again but there was a knock at my door.





 It was my little sister ella. She cant say "r". It comes out as a "w". Kind of cute actually.



 "Mommy said to come down now. Youw guests awe hewe."

 "Thank you ella."


 Louis had a puzzled look on his face. He had no idea what she just said.


"She said that my guests are all here. She cant say r's yet. They come out like a "w"."


. He smiled and opened my door. I grabbed his hand and walked downstairs. My father has set up the disco lights and candles. Although it is about noon. That is just how my family is i guess. If you want the exact opposite of what you would guess, come to my house. Breakfast for dinner. Hot chocolate in the summer. Ice cream in the winter. Hundreds of candles in the middle of the day.

I walk out into my yard and smile when i don't burst into flames. I probably looked stupid but i honestly don't care. I look directly into the sun as if to say "ha! I win this one!"  Everyone cheered and screamed happy birthday at me. I scanned the crowd for Kylin. She has to be here. I find her talking to her fiancé in the back of the crowd. I lean over Louis's shoulder and whisper in his ear.


"Your mate, harry?"

 "What about him?"

 "Is he... Like us too?"

 "Yes. he is british as well as us."

"no i mean... like is he a vampire too?"

"yes. he changed kylin i think"


 I jumped up and leaped off the patio. I politely pushed through the crowd to Kylin and Harry.


"Hi guys. So thanks for coming. Come this way."


I grabbed their arms and pulled them into the shed.


"Wow ruby. You are really cold. Do you want a jacket?"

 "Nope. Im fine."


I stood there, hoping they would figure it out. We stood there in the dark for a minute of two before harry got a text. He looked up at me and smiled.


"Welcome to the family ruby."


 Kylin looked at him with a bewildered look.


"Oh. Like our family?  As in... You know. Not OUR real family but ya know. Our other family?"


 Harry face palmed himself and shook his head.


"Yes babe. She is a vampire now."


 Kylin's eyes widened.


"Ah. What did he do to you? You were perfect. Now look at you!"

 "Seriously Kylin?"

 "I mean like, he took your life away. In a sense he killed you. You are dead ruby. DEAD!"

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