My Crazy Teenage Life

Hi, my name is Julie-Ann Carter but everybody calls me Julie. I am 16 years old and I have a little sister named Lily she is 8. I thought my life would end, I bet your wondering "Why would I think it would end?" read the story to find out!
(btw the chapters will get shorter....)


1. The Burglar

I woke up at 11:00 a.m. the first day of summer vacation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Next semester I will be in the 11th grade at Harrisburg High School. My nickname is Julie i like that better then my original name: Julie-Ann. I got out of bed thinking it would be just another normal day, but i was wrong. So i got up and got dressed. i couldn't decide what to wear so i wore a blue tank top with a silver star on it and put a black vest with buttons on it over top of the tank top, i wore jean short shorts and hooped earrings. I also wore a black hearted necklace and had silver bracelets on, i also put a ring on and a little bit of make-up on. Today i decided on wearing my long dark brown hair up in a messy bun. Just like any other 16 year old your little sister is a little annoying brat. But i always find a way to get rid of her though like telling her a scary story or just chasing her out.


My little sister, Lily Carter always wakes up early and plays with her toys then gets dressed. Today she wore a pink t-shirt with a bunch of colorful flowers on them and she wants her ears pierced but she has to wait. She wore white shorts and white flip flops. She had our mom put her long blonde hair up in two pig-tails. Usually she wakes me up early in the morning, I gets so annoyed and i chase her around, Lily find this amusing. Lily always is getting into every ones business and everyone finds that a little annoying, so her nickname is Snooper. She goes to Harrisburg Elementary School. Next semester she will be in the 3rd grade. As any 8 year old you love messing with people, so every now and then she gets her parents but usually she tries to get me, but I ALWAYS gets her back more worse though.


My dad, Jack Carter just went work as a lawyer. He has to wear a uniform. Usually he likes to switch his uniform up but today he wore what he is supposed to wear: a black suit with a tie or a fancy shirt with a tie and some black pants. He chose the suit. Today was a big day for him. Nobody knew it, not even him. He almost forgot to comb his short light brown hair. He was kind of excited but at the same time he wanted a different kind of job, but he had to support his wife and kids somehow. The bright side is that he got free pillows every so often! He left for work in his blue pick-up.


My mom, Debby Carter just got out of work for the summer. She works as a math teacher at Julie's school, The Harrisburg High School. She was glad she didn't have to work this summer at summer school, so now she can spend time with her kids. She usually wears her pj's around the house on the days she doesn't have to work but today she is gonna wear something besides her pajamas. She is gonna wear a black shirt with pink polka dots on it and she is gonna wear blue jean capris and black flats. She is wear pearl earrings with a beaded necklace. She decided to let her brown mid-length hair up in a pony tail. M


om yelled to us from downstairs, " Julie-Ann, Lily come down to eat some brunch." I yelled back, " What are we having? " Mom said, " Pancakes." Lily yelled " YAY i love pancakes!" I sighed because we always have what Lily wants. I walked down the hallway to where the stairs are to go downstairs and then Lily jumped out and pushed me out of the way and ran down the stairs almost tripping. I mumbled, " I wish she was never born! ". By the time i came downstairs Lily already was eating pancakes. Mom said " Ouch! ", "What's wrong mommy? " said Lily, I also said " Ya mom what's wrong? " Mom said, " I honestly have no idea i mean i have been having cramps and my stomach has been hurting." " Mommy you should go to the doctor, you what you always say, 'going to the doctor never hurts'." said Lily. " You know what, that's what i'm gonna do, right after i eat i'm gonna go, Julie your going to have to watch your sister." "But mom!!!!!!!!" I complained, " No buts your watching your sister and that's that!" said mom. "UGH why do you torture me!?!!!" I yelled. Mom ate and then she left in the family red minivan. I said, "So here's what's gonna happen, your gonna stay in your room and play and stay there until mom gets home and i'm gonna well i'm gonna be busy." Lily said, " No, i'm gonna do whatever i want starting with TAKING YOUR iPhone 4 and i'm gonna put the purple and pink be-dazzled case on instead of black and white zebra case." Lily took my iphone. i yelled, "Hey! Get back here! UGH your so dead!" I almost got Lily but she was to fast. Lily ran to my room and switched cases and went into her own room and locked the door. I chased her and i couldn't get into her room. Then I remembered the key that unlocks every lock in the house. I went to get it in my parent's room. It was hidden in the dresser under a bunch of stuff. Then i heard Lily talking, she was saying, " Oooooohhh pretty pictures." Then she yelled, " OOOOOOOHHHHHH CUTE BOY PICTURES!!!!" I got so mad and i ran upstairs and used the key to unlock the door. i dreaded going into there cause it's covered in pink walls with yellow and blue and colorful flowers EVERYWHERE and there were pictures of had a picture of me! I opened the door and slammed it shut and locked the door. Lily was thinking, " Uh oh, i'm sooo dead. " I put the key down on her purple dresses and then i ran after her but she ran and jumped on her rainbow twin sized bed and jumped off and made a run for it to the door. But she tripped on her pink barbie convertible and fell on her fuzzy baby blue carpet and bruised her elbow. She tried to get up but luckily i caught her. I said, "You are SO dead now!" Lily gulped. I took her into her room and threw her onto her brown and green twin sized bed. Lily hated going into their kind of because it's so dark. My walls are black with white hearts on them. My walls are covered in posters mostly of boys and some girls but mostly boys, so you can barely see the actual wall.

 I went to tackle Lily, i usually pull her hair and do a bunch of stuff but then she and i both heard something. We both got kinda scared, it sounded like somebody was in the house. Lily opened her mouth to scream but i quickly put my hand over her mouth and said, "shhhh". We heard somebody in the kitchen downstairs. Lily whispered to me, "Julie, i'm really scared." I whispered back, "It's ok i got this, stay here ok?" "Ok" Whispered Lily. I grabbed an umbrella from my closet and started to go out of the room. "Julie, what will i do if you got hurt or killed?" whispered Lily, i whispered back, "If i don't come back in 10 minutes call 911 ok?" Lily nodded her head in agreement. I started to go downstairs, and then all of a sudden a lamp broke. I just about screamed, but i still kept going she kept reminding herself, "You must protect Lily, and of coarse yourself!!" I glanced over the stair case and looked in the living room and i saw a guy standing there. I was panting heavily and i was getting really scared. I closed my eyes and tried to calm down, then BAM the guy was right in front of me, i screamed so loud the neighbors could hear her but they weren't home. i could tell that Lily is probably crying by now. I took the umbrella and hit the guy in the head and yelled, "LILY GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Lily came down and I grabbed her and we were just about to run outside when the guy grabbed Lily's feet and then mine. We were screaming and screaming and then they guy said, "Ow help!!" Then i said, "Wait a second........ i know that voice." i told Lily, "Calm down i know who this is." We both looked down and then we both said, "DAD!"-"Are you ok?!" We both helped dad up. "Dad i am SO sorry!" I said in sympothy. Dad said, " I'm ok, but why did you hit me with uh uh umbrella?" Lily said " Well Julie was about to ki--" " OK well i'll explain it" I said cutting Lily off. "Ok well here is how it really went, uh well Lily and i were playing in my uh room and well uh we heard something and well she got scared so me as a big sister i had to protect her and so we thought there was a guy in the house because well i saw him and a lamp broke and ya." dad said,"I broke the lamp 'cause i tripped on Lily's barbies!" Lily grinned and said, "well i uh left it there because well Julie didn't tell me to clean up and by the way that's kinda how the story went." "Nope that's how it went remember? and mom didn't tell you either!" I said. Then we both said, "Why are you home?" dad said, "Well i was at my job and then i realized i forgot my phone so i went home and i got it and that's how i got here...Oh and by the way where is your mother?" Lily said, "Mommy went to the doctor 'cause her tummy was hurting, and she didn't know why so i told her to go and she went!" i nodded my head yes. "Ok well i better get back to work." dad said. Then mom came in the door and we were about to explain it all "I have some big news, you all better sit down."

Mom said with a nervous/shocked look on her face. "What's wrong mom?" i asked, mom said, "Well.....i'm uh uh well i'm -------"


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