My Crazy Teenage Life

Hi, my name is Julie-Ann Carter but everybody calls me Julie. I am 16 years old and I have a little sister named Lily she is 8. I thought my life would end, I bet your wondering "Why would I think it would end?" read the story to find out!
(btw the chapters will get shorter....)


2. The Big Surprise

Mom was gonna continue her sentence when all of a sudden my BFF Roxi Hartford came from her house right across the street. She said, "Hey hey hey! What's up peoples!?!?" dad said, "Roxi can you come over later or something we are having a family thing right now.?" "Fine i guess i can wait to talk about a certain someone," she said while giving a wink to me. Right then i knew what she meant so i said, "Mom can this wait please! Roxi has something really important to tell me!" Roxi and i both had the pouty lip to convince mom and dad, which usually works. But mom said, "No this is much more important." Roxi and i both sighed. " Well i'll see you later! Peace! " Roxi went out the door. Mom continued her sentence, "Ok here's the deal, you will find this surprising because i did and well i don't know to be happy or scared, ok well here it goes...... i'm-i'm-i'm pregnant!" Everybody gasped. Roxi opened the door and yelled, "YOUR WHAT?!... OMG congrats!!!!!!" Lily said, "You were eavesdropping weren't you!?" Roxi had a guilty look on her face. i kinda laughed but then i realized i am gonna be a big sister again. Dad said, "Honey how did this happen?!" Lily said,"Well daddy when a wife and husband get together they------------" " Honey i know that part i meant am i the father?" Mom nodded yes. "Phew!" Dad felt relieved. I said, "Lily your gonna be a big sister!" She jumped up and down and screamed and was so excited!! "Now you just gotta wait 9 months." Roxi said. Then Lily said," UGH! " "Being an only child is pretty cool because you get everything but i always wanted to be a big sister." said Roxi. "You already get everything you want when your the youngest." Lily said with a smile on her face. "But your not going to be the youngest anymore!" Roxi said with a smart look. "Well i guess that's ok, but i'll still get everything i want, right?" Lily asked. Dad said, "Well not everything only a few things you want, Julie had to do the same thing." Lily frowned, and i smiled and thought, "I love it when she can't get everything she wants, and it's fun to watch her throw a temper tantrum!" Then dad said, "Girls go on up to your room, your mother and i need to talk." I quickly said, "I'm gonna go to Roxi's k?" Without waiting for their response i quickly grabbed Roxi and pulled her out the door and went to her house. "Omg love your outfit!" said Roxi, "Back at ya, I love how you pulled that outfit together." i said. Roxi was wearing short jean shorts with a white tank top with a black cowgirl vest overtop that had some jewels on it, for shoes she had brown cowgirl boots with a cowgirl hat which looked like it was made from jeans which she took off inside, she had little cowgirl boots earrings on with plain simple make-up. I said with excitement, "OMG is that the latest iPhone 5?" Roxi shook her head yes. "Like the case?!" said Roxi. It was a 'design your own' case. It was a picture of them and it said on there 'bff's 4eves'! I said "Aww i love it!" Roxi smiled. She quickly combed her little below the ear length black hair. She wanted to put it into a low pony but her hair was to short. I said, "I just love your hair. i want to get mine cut but my mom said no." "Well that's to bad." Roxi said with a grin. Julie knew it was sarcastic. Roxi was pretty much rich, her mom worked at City Hall, and her dad worked as a judge! Roxi's room was gorgeous, her bed was a king size and her bed colors, well she could change them. They have a maid and a butler, and their house is 4 stories, they even have a pool and hot tub in their house and outside! On her wall there was a portrait of Roxi and her family and then another one of just Roxi and one of Roxi and I! In the water room on the second floor of their house it looks like there is a waterfall in there, I think there is. Also in Roxi's room which is on the 4th floor there is a waterslide to go into the pool on the 2nd floor and to outside! You can choose either water or regular slide. They even have a massage room which is super cool. Their house is just to cool! I always am excited when i gets presents from her, for her: birthday, Christmas, etc., anyways she always gets super cool presents for me and they are definitely good ones! Then i just couldn't wait any more, i asked, "So what did this certain someone say about muah!?" She grinned and said, "Well some little birdie told me that Luke said who heard Tosha say that Adam Diamond might actually like you!" I was surprised i mean he is pretty popular and he is captain of the football team and pretty popular. Then i said, "Wait, doesn't he have a girlfriend? uh what's her name uh er Ashley Jackson?" "Ya but 'Asham' broke up." Roxi said. 'Asham' is the nickname the two had as a couple. I blurted out "SERIOUSLY!?!, omg that's great. I wish i could say the shorter abbreviations but nooooo my parents say 'Use real words' and i'm like that is one but i guess not so i have to use the long version of words." Roxi said, "Hmm well that sucks!" Then i heard my iphone ring, i looked at caller ID and it was my dad, i answered the phone, 'Hello?' -Hi honey it's me dad- 'Dad i know, i have caller ID' -Caller what? anyways you need to get home now- 'but dad!' -No buts, get home now we have news to tell you.- 'Ugh fine!' I hung up the phone. I said, "Hey Roxi i gotta go home now... I'll text you later k?" Roxi replied "kk". I walked across the street to my house and went inside. "Lily get down here!" said my dad. Lily came down worried...She said "Am i in trouble?!" Mom said, "No your not we just need to tell you some more news." I was thinking 'Oh great more news' but if i said it i probably would get in trouble. An awkward silence broke out and then my dad finally said, "We're moving to Phoenix, Arizona." I then bursted out, "WHAT?!" I just about cried because i knew my dad doesn't joke about serious stuff like that. "It's because of my job, We are getting a bigger house and everything and i don't wanna hear any buts and no's." My dad said firmly. I ran up the stairs crying and thinking 'What am i gonna tell Roxi?!' I just about died......


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