Lost in the Past

Isabella is a crazy 20 year old who follows her own rules. Everything changed when her friend, Amber, gets kidnapped. Isabella decides to take matters into her own hands and track them down. When she finally gets to the kidnappers, things take an unexpected twist. Now she is being hunted by the cops while she is searching for her friend. Can Isabella get Amber back? Can she figure out why they targeted Amber? When the truth slips out, is the reason why Amber was taken for something she did or something Isabella did. The truth lies in the past...


4. Taking matters into my own hands

I stood there confused, scared, and uncertain of my next move. Police would not have understood this was self dense. There is nothing here to prove I didn't mean to kill him. UGH OH MY GOD I JUST KILLED SOMEONE! Tears were in my eyes and I was sobbing like crazy. The sirens were getting louder, that meant cops would be swarming this area soon like angry bees. I picked myself up and dusted off the dirt on my clothes. I limped back to my car and got in. I drove for about an hour to make sure I was clear away. The car squeaked loudly as I harshly stomped my foot on the breaks as I pulled up on the curb. I was in a little town now and probably far enough away from the cops. I pray Amber is okay for heavens sake. If anything ever happens to her I don't think I will never ever be the same.

I grabbed my head in frustration, but something dry and scratchy was hardened over parts on my head. I scrapped a little bit of my head and brought my hand down. It was dry blood. Ugh. This just gets better and better. Now think Bella! Where are those men from? Think?! what did they possibly want with her or me?!? I sat there in the car for awhile, but I realized I needed to buy more clothes and food if I was on the run. I rummaged through my car and found the $5,000 I keep in my car in case of emergencies, definitely an emergency. I hopped out of and locked my car. I double checked by yanking the side of the door, good. I walked into store and bought lots of different clothes and accessories to help disguise myself like hats, glasses without prescriptions, sweat shirts, jeans and sweat pants, shirts, shoes, and undergarments. I paced myself to the grocery store next. I simply stacked my cart with a bunch of non-perishable food, time was limited so I just grabbed whatever what was on the shelves. Being on the run was going to be disastrous.

I went back to my car and changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a little orange hoodie, and an orange lacy beanie. I pushed the fake glasses up my nose, and hit the road. It was time I would take matters into my own hands.

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