Lost in the Past

Isabella is a crazy 20 year old who follows her own rules. Everything changed when her friend, Amber, gets kidnapped. Isabella decides to take matters into her own hands and track them down. When she finally gets to the kidnappers, things take an unexpected twist. Now she is being hunted by the cops while she is searching for her friend. Can Isabella get Amber back? Can she figure out why they targeted Amber? When the truth slips out, is the reason why Amber was taken for something she did or something Isabella did. The truth lies in the past...


10. Overhearing

I looked up straight at his face and said something I totally regretted, "Go ahead. Do it. I dare you."

He pulled back the trigger and held the gun to the middle of my eyebrows. I could hear my heart through my ears. He held the gun up to my head, ready to shoot, for a minute and I finally gave in.


"Okay good," he retorted while giving me a crazy smile, "We will go get the money tomorrow. For now you and Amber can sleep here."

They all left, but one of the men. He was bald and the tallest of the pack. He had many tattoos and looked like he was made for prison. I looked over at Amber laying to my left. I kicked her a couple of times and she awoke. Right when I saw her eyes flutter open I started to cry. Seeing her like this because of me was so unsettling. I felt terrible. She gave me a weak, yet excited grin when she noticed me. I explained everything to her then. It was kind of strange, I always could read her expressions. I've never seen this one before.

I realized its been a long time since I've showered. "Hey you," I said weakly to the man guarding us, "can we like shower or something?"

He guided us to a bathroom where he waits outside. There were 3 shower rooms. I felt so fresh after I stood under the water for about 5 minutes. I washed my hair and soaped my whole body. I shivered as I remembered the man I killed. That memory won't go away easily. I turned off the water and wrapped myself in the rough, old towel. I took a second towel and dried my hair. As I was standing there I heard noise from the room next door. I thought the men's bathroom was to the right. I crept over to the wall and put my head against it to hear. Amber was still showering.

"After we go to the place she's hiding the cash what should we do with her?"

"We can just kill her and her friend. Then we can dump the bodies and get on with her life."

"Kill her? Are you sure? We could go back to prison."

"Well she would probably tell the cops anyway and we would go back. If we killed her first, then went back I would slept more sound in the cell."

I froze as I heard the kidnappers plot. They were whispering more things, but I had heard enough. I leaned back on the wall with just a towel on I slid down slowly until my butt hit the ground. If they want to play it like that then fine! I'm not going to be tricked! Ill have the last laugh.

Author's Note- ~(•o•)~

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