Lost in the Past

Isabella is a crazy 20 year old who follows her own rules. Everything changed when her friend, Amber, gets kidnapped. Isabella decides to take matters into her own hands and track them down. When she finally gets to the kidnappers, things take an unexpected twist. Now she is being hunted by the cops while she is searching for her friend. Can Isabella get Amber back? Can she figure out why they targeted Amber? When the truth slips out, is the reason why Amber was taken for something she did or something Isabella did. The truth lies in the past...


14. Its All Over........

I gasped. Nothing. Nothing at all. I then started to search frantically in the rest of my room for the money. I guess I didn't realize how much noise I was making until my dad came and broke the door down. He ran in with his shot gun and pointed it at me.

"D-d-dad," I stuttered, "It's me, Bella."

His eyes filled with realization and sorrow then he dropped the shot gun. He ran up and hugged me. 

"Why haven't you been answering our calls? We saw the news. They had lies plastered all over," he murmured in my hair.

"Sit down," I commanded and we both sat cross-legged on the carpet of my old room. I told my dad everything. The secret life I lived, what happened to me and Amber, and that I can't find the money.

He was quiet for awhile. I sat there fearfully waiting for his response. Suddenly he hugged me again. I started to weep.

"I'm-I'm sorry," I whispered while panting.

"Shhhhhhhhh it's okay," he replied. "I still love you." I smiled through my tears and squeezed him harder. "As for the money," he began, "Colton came over a couple of weeks ago." My mind flashed back to Colton. He was one of my best friends when I was little. We even dated for a little bit. He got me into things like stealing. After being busted a few times his parents sent him to a boarding school. He was only 15. Last time I talked to him I told him what I did. My parents always liked him even though he was a bad influence. "He brought us some nice homemade food. He said he missed us and told us all about his new life. Then he asked where you were. We told him everything we knew. He asked if he could see your room one last time. We of course agreed thinking there was nothing very expensive in there. He could of grabbed the money then," my dad explained. 

All the sudden my mom and two police officers came bursting through the door.

"Honey these officers are asking... Wait! Bella?!?" My mom exclaimed. I froze as I saw each officer grip the gun in their pocket. 

It's over. It's all over. 

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