Lost in the Past

Isabella is a crazy 20 year old who follows her own rules. Everything changed when her friend, Amber, gets kidnapped. Isabella decides to take matters into her own hands and track them down. When she finally gets to the kidnappers, things take an unexpected twist. Now she is being hunted by the cops while she is searching for her friend. Can Isabella get Amber back? Can she figure out why they targeted Amber? When the truth slips out, is the reason why Amber was taken for something she did or something Isabella did. The truth lies in the past...


12. Faking it

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating. I haven't been able to write lately. Please comment, fav, and like!
The men took us to their van. They tied us up and made it so people outside the van couldn't see us.

"Okay now where is the money?" The bald man questioned. If my plan was going to work I had to make it look hard to tell them where the money was. I scrunched up my face and turned my head to glance out the window. Suddenly a blunt object smacked my face. I looked up to see it was just his giant rough hand.

"Fine it's at the forest near my old house," I said unwillingly. They knew where my old house was so they all hot set and we began to drive. I fell asleep pretty fast so did Amber. I slept for about 18 hours then we made it there. They turned out on the road and drove into the forest. I knew where I was going.

We all got out and stretched from a long car ride.

"Okay I need a moment to run around and see if the money is still there," I stated.

"Okay go ahead," one of the quietest men responded. Idiots.

I ran out at least 50 yards then found it. A pay phone out by a little cabin in the woods. I picked up the phone and quickly typed 911. The phone rang three times then someone answered.

"Hello this is a 911 operator. What is your emergency?" The lady questioned.

I simply whispered into the phone, "Help me." Then I hung up. I ran as fast as I could back to the men and Amber. She looked so sickly. They probably hurt her when they were looking for me to get answers.

"Okay I didn't find anything, but it might be over in that direction," I say pointed to the easy which would lead closer to a road. We made our way over. I pretended to search and after awhile they looked annoyed. Suddenly I heard sirens coming from the road.
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