Set Her Free

Sydney and Adara Dixon are 18 year old identical twin sisters. They both have dreamt of moving to London ever since they were little. Their dream is finally coming true. Their cousin is letting them stay with him wail they go to school. Did I mention that their cousin is Zayn Malik.


8. Chapter 8

Louis' POV:

I decided to take the girls to go take their drivers tests. Surprising they both got 100%. Adara and Sydney both got cars. The boys don't know so I gave them each enough money for a car and went home. "Hey guys can you come here?" They all came down. "What's up BooBear?" Niall asked. "The girls are gonna be coming home in their new cars any minuet." I told them and Zayn looked mad. "You took them to get their licenses?" I smiled and patted his back. "Yes I did. They both got 100% on their tests you should be proud." We all walked outside and waited. Adara was the first to pull up. She had a blue convertible bug. "Nice ride chicã" Niall went up to her. "If you like this wait till you see Sydney's. there she is now." That's when she pulled up. In a black Harley. "Damn girl that's sweet!" Harry went up to her as she pulled off her helmet. "Thanks babe." She took his hand and they walked inside. Zayn pulled me back before we went inside. "You didn't tell me she got a motorcycle!" I winced as he yelled at me. "I didn't know either but she really likes it. Please just let her keep it." He nodded and we went inside.

Sydney & Adara's POV:

"Hey Hun I think I'm ready for our relation ship to go, well global."

Niall's POV:

"Are you sure you want to do this? You know you will get hate right?" I asked her as she held my hands. She looked up at me and smiled, "I'm sure. I don't want to hide anymore."

Harry's POV:

"Babe are you sure you wanna do this. Your going to get massive hate mail." I rubbed her back and she took my hand. "Yep 100% sure!" I walked over to Niall and Adara. "Hey do you think it's a good idea to go public wit our relationships all at once?" I asked Niall. "Wait you two are going public too?" That's when Adara enter the conversation. "Yep me and Sydney have talked about it." I looked down at her and she just smiled at me. "Hey Lou can you take a picture for us?" I handed him a camera and we all took our positions. The first one was of us just standing with out girlfriends the twins back to back. The second one was of us kissing the girls. We then uploaded it them twitter.

Me and @Harry_Styles with our girlfriends @Adara_IsAwesome and @Sydney_LynnLovesYou

@NiallHoran and I with our girls @Sydney_LynnLovesYou and @Adara_IsAwesome

Adara's POV:

Not ten seconds later did we get out first hate tweet. It read "You two are just sluty whores who don't deserve them." I looked at Sydney and we burst out laughing. "So Sydney would you like to be the slut or the whore?" I laughed she thought for a second and couldn't keep the straight face. "Well I guess I'll be the slut." We walked arm in arm and the boys looked confused. Zayn started to explain, "They were always made fun of in high school so they are used to it. They like to thank people for being honest with them. It's fun to watch." I walked over to Niall and sat on his lap. "Ya and its not like I'm going to kill myself over it like that girl wants me to." Liam's phone rang and he walked into the other room.

Sydney's POV:

I went and sat on the floor between Harry's legs and looked up at him. "So Harry you do know I start college next week right?" He nodded and sighed. "Ya I know and I'm gonna miss you all day." He pouted and kissed my nose. "I know same here but I need a good education." That's when Liam came in smiling. "We're going on tour!" Everybody was happy and smiling and jumping around and I was there standing with Harry pouting. "And they said the girls can come!" Harry face lit up. "Sweetheart I have school. I have to go. I'm sorry Hazza." I walked off sadly to my room.

Harry's POV:

"And they said the girls can come!" I got so happy but Sydney's face dropped. "Sweetheart I have school. I have to go. I'm sorry Hazza." She walked off to her room. I sat down on the couch and Louis came up to me. "What's wrong Haz?" I looked at him and frowned. "She can't come. She has school. Liam when does the tour start?" He stopped talking and answered me. "Saturday so that gives us till then to pack." I got up and walked up to Adara. "What is your sisters favorite animal?" Her face lit up. "A giraffe but you can't buy that. So cats!" I got my keys and drove to the mall.

Adara's POV:
"We have to go shopping." I told Niall "We should go to the mall. I want a matching onesi!" I yelled and Niall grabbed my purse. "Okay which one of you boys is gonna stay with her?" Niall asked and Louis hand shot up. "Me me me pick me please?" I giggled. "Hu... I pick, you with the suspenders!" He jumped with joy and ran up the stairs. "Sydney we're gonna have so much fun!!!" I grabbed my keys, "I'll drive" And we all walked outside.
When we got to the mall I put my sunglasses and hood on. Nobody noticed us at first but when we saw Harry with a stuffed giraffe Zayn yelled "Vas Happening Harry?" He then facepalmed himself as girls huddled us. "Way to go Zayn!" I yelled trying to get away. As the girls calmed down we got out shopping done being stopped only by a few more girls and a small girl came up to me. "I'm not very old but I know your getting mean words from other fans. Don't listen to them your very pretty. So is your sister." I took her hand as her mother came by. "I'm so sorry, she just got away from me when she saw all of you." The mother said and I smiled at her. She couldn't have been more than eight or nine. "Sweetly what's your name?" I asked her kneeling down to her level. "I'm Maddi. And I know your Adara. Your name is very pretty.","I think your name is very beautiful. Would you like a picture with the boys?" She nodded and I took her over to them. "Boys this is Maddi can she get a picture?" I asked them and they all agreed. "Thank you. Have a wonderful day" and with that she ran over to her mother. "You handled that very well." Niall told me. "I used to babysit our neighbors. Can we go home now I'm tired of walking." As soon as I said that Zayn picked me up and Niall yelled after him as he ran. "Hey that my girlfriend." Zayn stopped and turned around. "My cousin I win" then he ran off again.

Sydney's POV:

I walked up to my room and moped around for a bit then the next thing I heard "Sydney we're gonna have so much fun!" And Louis stormed into my room. "Get up! Grab your purse and shoes were going on a road trip!" I hopped out of bed and put on my toms. "I'm coming!" I got in Louis car, "Where to besty?" I smiled and put my sunglasses on. "The zoo!!! I wanna pet a giraffe!" Louis pulled out of the driveway, "To the zoo!" And we were off.

Harry's POV:

I walked into the door and my phone went of indicating someone tweeted. It was a picture of Sydney petting a giraffe the caption read. "I pet a giraffe with my best friend @Louis_Tomlinson! He tried to eat the carrots but I wouldn't let him!" I laughed to myself and continued into the house.

Zayn's POV:

We finished up at the mall and decided to go get something to eat. Niall was hungry, like always. My phone buzzed. "Your sister pet a giraffe!" I yelled and Adara came over to my phone and looked at the tweet. We sat and ate our food. Once we were done we drove home and my phone buzzed again. It was a picture of Sydney and Louis eating carrot flavored ice cream. "Ewww!" I yelled and everybody checked their phones and agreed.

Harry's POV:

My phone buzzed once again. It was a picture is Sydney in a strapless purple knee length dress with sparkly silver toms. She looked beautiful. From: Squid
What do you think about the dress?
To Squid
Beautiful get it
From Squid
Okay be home in 10 XoXo

Sydney's POV:

"Louis can we stop by the post office I'm expecting a package from my mum." He turned into the parking lot and I went inside. I ended up having three large packages from my mum and grandma. We finally got home and I took everything to my room. I was about to put my clothes away but my drawers were empty. A note was in my sock drawer. "Grab your pillow and all your bags and come to my room. -Harry" okay ill go with it. I walked into Harry's room and he was sitting on the bed with a kitten. "Harry! You got me a kitty?" He handed him to me, "To keep you company wail I'm gone. You can name him little Harry" I shoved him "No. His name is Bucket, I had a cat when I was little named Bucket. And I love him. But why are all my clothes gone?" He sat down on the bed and I sat on his lap. "Well I thought you might wanna room with me instead and sleep here when I'm gone. So I moved all your clothes in here." I kissed him and got up. "Is that a giraffe? I pet one today." He nodded and I ran out of the room.
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