Set Her Free

Sydney and Adara Dixon are 18 year old identical twin sisters. They both have dreamt of moving to London ever since they were little. Their dream is finally coming true. Their cousin is letting them stay with him wail they go to school. Did I mention that their cousin is Zayn Malik.


7. Chapter 7

Sydney's POV:

After Zayn and Louis went to bed I gathered the rest of the guys and Adara. "Okay guys we need to get them back for this. Here's the plan..."

Adara' POV:

"Okay guys here's the plan" this is gonna be good Sydney always had great revenge. "Everybody understand the plan?" We all split up. I went and grabbed the pink colored hairspray and a comb. Niall and Harry got the sleeping boys and tied them to chairs. Sydney got all the hair gel/spray, carrots and a blender. "Okay ready? Adara spray Zayn's hair with the spray and make it look horrible." I did as she asked and boy did it look funny. He looked like "Cindy Lo Hoo" from the grinch. "Okay we're ready to wake them up." I said we all counted down. "3...2...1! WAKE UP!!" They both woke up and started to squirm. Sydney looked at then and giggled. "Okay boys this is all coming to you." She took all the carrots and put them into the blender making then into a paste. "Big deal carrots are carrots" Louis said, "Well it looks kinda thick whatever could we do to make it not as thick. Oh I know" she took out the hair gel. And Zayn started to yell, "You wouldn't." She smiled and got close to his face. "Oh I think I would. And Zayn have you looked in a miour lately?" She held up a miourr and Zayn screamed. "Now lets finish this." She mixed the gel in with the carrots. Then it was all over. "Now next time think before your actions. And now you know that I have killer revenge." She took Harry's hand and walked away. "Niall I'm kinda tired will you carry me to bed?" He picked me up. "Your not just gonna leave us here are you?" They asked with a sad voice. "Niall did you hear something?" I asked and he replied. "No love I think your just hearing things." We walked to my room and fell asleep.
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