Set Her Free

Sydney and Adara Dixon are 18 year old identical twin sisters. They both have dreamt of moving to London ever since they were little. Their dream is finally coming true. Their cousin is letting them stay with him wail they go to school. Did I mention that their cousin is Zayn Malik.


5. Chapter 5

-Returning Home-Sydney's POV:

Harry drove us home. We laughed and joked the whole way. He was now my boyfriend. We drove up to the house and grabbed our baggage. I walked into the house and there were spoons everywhere, and I mean everywhere! "Oh god. Harry pick up the spoons I'm gonna go find Liam." I ran up stairs and opened Louis door, Nope. I went to Zayn's room, nope. I tried Harry's room. Nope. I got to my room. Niall and Adara were tied up back to back with carrots stuffed into their mouthes. "Oh my. Um I'll get you two untied in a jiffy!" I walked over to them and untied them. "I have to go find Liam." Liam's room was the next one I checked. It was covered in spoons. He wasn't there. I checked Niall's room. Sure enough Liam was in a corner crying. Louis and Zayn were sitting there eating soup. "What is the world do you two think your doing? You are going to put him into a hospital." They looked at me and smiled. "We were just having a little fun." Louis said smiling. "FUN?!?! You think this is fun? That's it! Louis Zayn you two are grounded for a week no telly, no phones, no computer, no carrots, no hair gel! Go to your rooms and think about what you have done. March!" I yelled and they stomped off. Louis was crying because if the whole carrot thing. "Adara Niall go search their rooms and confiscate all electronics, carrots and hair gel. Take the hair spray too!" They did as told. I walked over to Liam and tried to calm him down. "Shhh, it's okay. No more spoons. There all gone. It's okay. Shhh shhh shhh." I cooed and he calmed down. "You saved me. You also scared me a little when you yelled." He whimpered as I rubbed his back. "Sorry it's just so childish and they know you don't like spoons. It just makes me mad." I then cupped my hands around his ear and started to whisper. "We're gonna get them back for this." He smiled at my words and I walked him to his room now spoon free.

Louis' POV:

I walked to my room crying. She took away my carrots. Then Niall walked in. "Sorry mate but you did something really bad. Give me your phone" I handed it to him, "Now your computer" I handed it to him. "Remote" I handed it to him. "I'll be right back. I then gathered all my carrot related things and put them in a pile. "Okay carrot" I gave him all of the stuff and just sat on my bed. Sydney walked in. "Louis? BooBear? I'm sorry I had to do that but you know not to scare Liam with spoons. You need to go apologies to him. And maybe just maybe you can have a carrot related thing back." She rubbed my back as she spoke. I hopped up. "You really mean it?" She looked at me. "You need to think a lot about what you did and what your gonna say. I have to go check on Zayn. Be good and I'm glad your taking this so well." She kissed the top of my head and walked out closing the door behind her. She was like a mom. MOMMY DIRECTIONER!

Zayn's POV:

I walked back to my room and put all my electronics together. That's when Adara walked in. "Okay gimme all your stuff." I handed her the hair gel and everything else. She put it into a basket. "I hate to do this Zayn but I'm gonna have to search ya. Spread um'". I out my hands against the wall and spread my legs. She patted me down. "I knew it. Zayn you tried to keep two bottles of gel and a can of hairspray." She walked out and I sat on the bed. That's when Sydney walked in. "Zayn? Zayny? Hey I'm sorry I had to do that but you just can't scare Liam with spoons" she fiddled as she said spoons. "Why is he so scared of them?" I shrugged as she continued to speak, "Well you need to apologize to Liam. Maybe just maybe you can have some hairspray back. But you need to think long and hard before you go talk to him." She kisses the top of my head and walked out. She is the best, she handles every situation very well.
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