Set Her Free

Sydney and Adara Dixon are 18 year old identical twin sisters. They both have dreamt of moving to London ever since they were little. Their dream is finally coming true. Their cousin is letting them stay with him wail they go to school. Did I mention that their cousin is Zayn Malik.


4. Chapter 4

Sydney's POV:

Earlier today I told Harry that I might have feelings for him. He then asked me on a date. He told me to just wear casual clothes. When I got ready I just put on my pink and black floral skinny jeans, black sparkly Toms a lacy top that was see through in the front so I put on a black tank top. I put on light makeup, put my hair into a high ponytail and decided to go with my big bulky glasses instead of contacts. Adara walked in the room coming to get me for Harry. "Wow, you look amazing baby sis!" I smiled and hugged her. "Thanks pumpkin!" That's my nickname for her. She calls me BooBear ever since she heard Niall call Louis call that when we were Skyping Zayn. I walked down the stairs and was greeted by Zayn, "I don't know you wear glasses. Do you have contact lenses?" I giggled, "Yes I do. I also own these crazy things" I tapped my glasses and gave him a hug. I walked over to Harry and he took my arm. "Ma' lady." I took his hand and laced it with mine as we walked out the door. "So Hazza, where are we going?" He opened my door and we started to drive.

Adara'd POV:

I watched them drive away. I secretly packed her a suitcase with enough clothes for a week in it. It was put into Harry's car and I was now packing. "Hey baby, when does out flight leave for america?" Niall had surprised me with a trip back home to see my mum. He must have know that I was missing her. "In three hours so you have an hour and a half." He came up behind me and hugged my waist. "Thanks Niller. I think my mum will love you." He turned me around and pulled me into a hug. "I sure hope so. Is she nice?" I nodded and he kissed me. There was passion behind his kiss. He pulled me towards him, his hands around my waist. My hand were filled with his hair as I kissed him. Then we were interrupted, "MY EYES!!!" Louis yelled from the hallway and ran into the wall. I couldn't help but laugh as he did so. I then fell to the floor with Niall and my ribs hurt from laughing. "Warn a guy will you?" Louis said after we all calmed down. "Okay Louis I will warn you when I want to kiss my boyfriend." He smiled, "That's all I ask". By then it was time to go. "Okay here's the rules don't do anything you'll regret and stay safe" Zayn said then hugged me. I took Niall's hand and we drove to the airport with 30min to spare. We got through security grabbed a bite to eat and got on the plane. I buckled up and rested my head on Niall's shoulder. "I love you Nialler" I whispered. "I love you to Adara". We took off and I fell into a deep sleep.

Sydney's POV:

We finally pulled up to a house on the beach and Harry got out of the car and opened my door. We walked around to the boot of the car hand in hand. He opened it up and grabbed my suitcase. There was a note taped to it. 'I packed for you. There is a weeks worth of clothes. You and Harry will be at this wonderful beach house for one week. Have fun and stay safe. -Adara-' I looked up at Harry. "Surprise." He said and I hugged him. I got on my tip-toes and kissed him. We then walked up to the house and Harry unlocked the door and we stormed in. We ran to the rooms and they we're straight across from each other. I pulled on my swimsuit and shall. I ran out shortly followed by Harry. He ran up behind me and picked me up. I screamed and kicked and shouted. Then I was in the water with Harry. "Harry Styles apologies!" I yelled at him pouting. He picked me up holding me my my legs. "I'm sorry I got you wet." He said sweetly and kisses me. We spent the rest of the day at the beech.

Adara's POV:

I was waken up by Niall saying we were about to land. We got off the plane and caught a cab. We got to my house. My moms car was there so we payed the driver and walked up. I knock on the door. "Hello? Oh my gosh Adara! Where is your sister?" I hugged her and took Niall's hand. "She went to have a nice getaway of her own. Mom this is my boyfriend Niall Horan. Niall this is my mom Stacy." They shook hands and my mom took out bags. "It's nice to meet you Mss.Dixon" my mom smiled. "Please call me Stacy." We walked to the kitchen and my mom got us some water. "So mom we decided to come visit because I missed you. Niall surprised me with a trip to come see you. He is the sweetest." I told her smiling. "We'll I can tell he really loves you.","And I love him mom". I smiled taking his hand and my mom started to speak again. "How long will you two be staying?" Looked at Niall because I honestly had no idea. "We will be here two days. We leave on Sunday." My mom jumped with joy. "We'll it's getting late we should get to bed." I took Niall to my old room and we got into our p.j's. I cuddled Niall and fell asleep peacefully.

Sydney's POV:

We got back to the house after watching the sunset and each took showers. We were COVERED in sand. After Harry threw me into the water once more he tried to run but I tackled him. "Wanna watch a movie before bed?" I asked Harry getting us each a cup of tea. "Sure, how's lion king?" I hands him his cup, "Perfect". I laid on top of Harry and watched the movie. I didn't make it all the way through the movie though. I fell asleep on his warm chest.
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