Set Her Free

Sydney and Adara Dixon are 18 year old identical twin sisters. They both have dreamt of moving to London ever since they were little. Their dream is finally coming true. Their cousin is letting them stay with him wail they go to school. Did I mention that their cousin is Zayn Malik.


13. Chapter 13

*Three Months Later*

Adara's POV:

"Hey Adara do you want to open for us tonight?" Zayn asked me. "Are you serious? Don't play with me like that Zayn!" He nodded and I went to Niall's dressing room. "Who has two thumbs and is opening for one direction tonight?" He came up and hugged me.

Niall's POV:

The boys and I went out to introduce Adara for her singing. "Please welcome the beautiful and talented Adara Dixon!" Liam yelled and she came out. "But before she sings I have a question for her." I took her hand and got down on one knee. "Adara the time I have spent with you has been some of the best in my life. Will you do me the honer of spending the rest of your life with me?" She nodded and I slipped the ring on her finger. The crowd went wild. "Oh and Harry isn't it your birthday tomorrow?" Louis asked. "Ya" he replied confused. "We'll we got you a present." Liam got a large blue box with a big bow on top.

Harry's POV:

"We'll open the bloody box then!" Zayn yelled at me. I took the top off and the sides fell. "Oh my gosh!" I couldn't believe my eyes. What was in front of me! They did this for me? "Surprise." My girlfriend was standing in front of me. "Oh my, Sydney!" She hugged me and the crowd went crazy again. The girls exited the stage and we preformed. Once the concert was over we walked backstage. Dani, Eleanor, Sydney, Perri, Adara and Melanie (Zayn's new girlfriend) were all waiting. "Hey guys!" They all yelled and went up to us. "So that was the last concert hu?" Asked Melanie. "Yep and I wanted to know if you would like to go on a date tonight?" Zayn asked her and she agreed. "You didn't have to come all the way here." I told Sydney. "I can go home." She told me trying to walk away. "No no I like you here." She smiled. "Then quit your complaining!" She said and kissed me.
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