Set Her Free

Sydney and Adara Dixon are 18 year old identical twin sisters. They both have dreamt of moving to London ever since they were little. Their dream is finally coming true. Their cousin is letting them stay with him wail they go to school. Did I mention that their cousin is Zayn Malik.


12. Chapter 12

Adara's POV:

We took off and thats when everything started. I went to sit down and was sprayed with water. "Louis!?!?" He ran off and I tackled him. "Louis now I'm all wet!" He smiled and we stood up. He sprayed me in the face and I knew what I had to do. I went to the fridge. "Oh Louis.." He looked over at me. "You wouldn't!" I smiled "oh I think I would." I opened the window "Every time you spray me I will drop a carrot. Two gone do far wanna make it three?" He dropped the gun and I handed him the bag. I smiled and the bus stopped. "First stop, an interview." We all got off the bus. I walked in first so that I wouldn't be swarmed. The boys took about 15 minuets to get inside. "Go your on in 30 seconds." I shoved them all and they walked on stage.

Sydney's POV:

I sat on the couch with Bucket and turned the tv on. The boys were on the screen, I smiled. "Look Bucket it's daddy. Say hi" I made his little paw wave and he meowed. "One direction everybody." The interviewer introduced the boys. "So Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. The first question is mandatory for all Directioners out there. Who is taken and who is single?" Louis taken, Liam taken, Niall taken, Harry taken, Zayn single. "So Zayn is the only one who is single. What's that like?" Zayn laughed. "Well it sucks. Especially to see al of them happy." Louis hugged him. "Aww Zayn!" And Zayn blushed. I turned off the telly and decided to go to bed. I went to Harry's room and got under the covers. I sent Harry a goodnight text and curled up with Bucket by my side.

Adara's POV:
During the interview Harry's phone went off. "Who is that Harry?" The interviewer asked. Louis was looking over his shoulder. "It's nobody." Louis took the phone. "No it's Sydney. She said goodnight and that she loves you. Harry your blushing now!" Harry took the phone back and put it in his pocket. I texted Niall.
To Niller:
Slap Louis in the back of the head for me.
The next thing I saw was Louis holding the back of his head. "Hey, Niall what was that for?" He pointed to me "What she's my twin." I said and Louis came and grabbed me. "Louis put me down" he smiled. "Okay" he dropped me in the middle of the stage. "Thank you so much Louis. I said put me down not drop me." I got up and walked off the stage. The interview was in commercial so it really didn't matter.
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