Life in a day

It's about a girl who find's the love of her life in one day with the help of her best friend and a little help by one stranger she bumps into early that day.


1. Just met

  I'm just sitting there in math class and it hits me a peace of paper with a name on it.Carl, I didn't know what to do with it so when class is over I give it back to him we talk a little I give him my number and tell him to call me and later on at school I forget all about him and I bump into him at lunch and he ask's if he can sit with me and my best friend Olivia, we say yes he brings his lunch to the table.The table is silent he says something, nobody replied, the table remains silent the bell rings the moment gets even more awkward  by the second. Me and Olivia go to social studies Carl  follows us but he should be in science right now.It is the end of the day I say bye and then leave.

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