Lost Love Found

Marni Summers has a 3 year old daughter named Isabelle. No one but Marni knows who the father is. He is a member of the biggest boy band in the world and he has no idea he has a child with his best friend from his hometown. But what happens when they run into each other and Starbucks? You'll have to read to find out.


4. Zayn or Harry?

Belles falls asleep in the car and ten minutes later we're at our flat. I get out of the car and go get Belles out of the car and I pick her up and carry her upstairs and tuck her into bed. I go into my room and get a towel and a wash cloth and pajamas and go into the bathroom and start my shower. Just as I put one foot in the shower my cell goes off. I pick it up and answer it.

"Hello?" I say.

"Hey Marni, it's Harry." Harry says.

"What do you want?" I ask mad. He's the last person I want to talk to.

"I want you Marni. I miss you and I want to be with you I was stupid for not being with you and I want to be with you now." Harry says.

"I get 'oh I miss you and want to be with you' after you pulled that shit? I don't even get an apology? Well it looks like we both don't get what we want. Goodbye Harry." I say and hang up. then my phone goes off again. Of course he's calling back.

I get in the shower and try to relax and calm down. Yes I'm still in love with Harry but I just can't be with him. He can't know Belles is his. He's already suspicious and that's not good. I do however have feeling for Zayn and if he ever asks I want to be with him. 15 minutes later I get out of the shower and get dressed. I check my phone. 21 missed calls and 16 text messages. 20 calls are from Harry and 1 call from Zayn. 15 texts from Harry and 1 from Zayn.

I delete all the messages from Harry and save the one from Zayn and do the same with the texts. I call Zayn back.

"Hey babe miss me?" Zayn asks.

"I don't know. Maybe I did maybe I didn't." I say.

"We'll I missed you. can I come see you?" Zayn asks.

"Seriously? It's almost 10." I say.

"Please give me your address." Zayn says and I give in and I give it to him.

"Who are you talking to?" I hear Harry ask in the background.

"Don't tell him you're talking to me." I say quickly.

"Just talking to my mum." Zayn says and I can't help but laugh.

"Let me say hi to your mum. I love your mum." Harry says not believing him.

"Here mom Harry wants to say hi." Zayn says to me. "She sounds weird cause she has a bad cold." Zayn tells Harry.

"Hi Mrs. Malik." Harry says.

"Hello Harold." I say in a sick voice hoping he'll believe I'm Zayn's mom. But Harry knows how I sound when I'm sick.

"How are you Marni?" Harry asks.

"Shit!" I say out loud by accident.

"I'm coming over with Zayn."

"Do not come over here Harry! Do you understand me? Why are you doing this?" I ask him really pissed at him.

"You know damn well why Marni." Harry says and hangs up on me.

"Ugh!" I yell.

I go into Belles room and I check on her to make sure she's okay. Then I go into my kitchen and make a nice hot cup of tea. Ten minutes later there's a knock on my flat door. I go and open it and there stands Zayn and Harry.

"Zayn you can come in. Harry you can stay in the hall or leave." I say and Zayn comes in and I quickly try to close the door in Harry's face but he stops the door from closing.

"I'm not going anywhere except inside your flat." Harry says.

"Um.. how about no it's my flat and I don't give you permission to enter it." I say and he enters my flat. "That's called trespassing Harry."

"I don't care you're still my best friend who has a kid who looks a hell of a lot like me." Harry says.

"Not this again seriously Harry this needs to stop." I say.

"Harry leave her alone. You really should leave and go back to our flat." Zayn says and walks Harry to the door and pushes him out for me.

"Thanks." I say and lock the door and Harry starts banging on the door. "Stop it or your going to wake up Belles. Then I will kill you."

The banging stops and Zayn takes my hand and leads me to my couch and turns on the TV. We cuddle on the couch and Zayn takes my face in his hands and makes me look at him then he kisses me and we make out on the couch for a while.

"You're gorgeous Marni." Zayn says. "Any guy would be lucky to have you and that amazing little girl. Maybe I could be that lucky guy." He says and I get that amazing feeling you get when something so sweet and adorable touches your heart. I kiss him so passionately. I want to be with Zayn he's loving and caring and thinks not just about me but Belles too. I've tried to date other guys and they knew I have a daughter and none of them would include her in things or play with her and Zayn does and that makes me extremely happy.

"I know we just met today Marni but it feels like I've known you my whole life and I want to be with you. I want to be your boyfriend. Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Zayn asks.

"Yes I do." I say and Zayn kisses me again.

"Do you think Harry will mind?" Zayn says.

"He's my best friend I'm sure he wont mind. He should want me to be happy and being with you makes me happy and it'll make Belles happy too." I say.

"I hope he won't mind. I really hope Belles will be. I really like her and spending time with her. She's an amazing little girl she's so well behaved and has amazing manners. You have done an amazing job with her. You're an incredible mother."

"Aw you're so amazing. Thank you so much. That means a lot to hear it come from someone." I say and I yawn.

"Lay down babe. You look so tired." He says.

"I am." I say and put my head on his lap and he puts his one arm around my waist and the other is moving the hair out of my face. A few minutes later I fall asleep on Zayn.

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