Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


6. what to do next

THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE STORY!I know the past few chapters have been kind of short and you had to wait for them, I do apologise. I will try to make them longer in the future!


So, Anya was left with no Joey and Joey was left with no Anya. Painful and unpleasant but that is what happens with dishonest people. If you can call forgetting you have a girlfriend dishonest, which for me its not, but to Anya it was. She was FURIOUS that she had been lied to. And FURIOUS  is not enough to describe it. If you ask me she couldn't judge, having in mind she was with her boyfriend's brother and she hadn't forgotten she had one. But there was another reason for her reaction. Somewhere deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep down in her soul, she was feeling guilty of beeing with the brother of her boyfriend. So she needed a reason to end it all up. And Lea was the perfect reason. What happened next, you would ask.

Well, after "cooking" together Anya and Joey came out of the kitchen carrying a big cake, wchich was really fragile and any sudden movement would make it fall. Basically cause they didnt really look at the book with a lot of attention, which is not the best idea when you are learning to cook, but who cares about cooking when the person you just ended a relationship with is next to you. Anyways, nobody noticed the problem, they thought that is part of the special effects. As well as the fact that as soon as they put the knife inside the cake squished and became twice as small. Wonder how they managed this effect?

- This is quite a special cake you've prepared. You must teach me!

- A good cook never reveals their secret. - Anya said with a playful smile.

- That is true. Do you have any plans for the afternoon?

- We wanted to go to the movies.

- Which movie?

- Never together forever. - thinking of the movie made Anya and Joey kind of sad. They chose this movie because it was the perfect mixture of what boys and girls liked. It was a movie made for couples and they chose it so they can watch it together instead of beeing separated. And now, how ironic, they wanted to be separated.

- I am not sure this is apropriate. How about something like The story of Wasr. - that was a movie made for, well, old people. Or lets be gentle and say grown ups. A movie about a village somewhere in the world where people were depressed all the time. It was one of those movies that dont actually show anything if you look at them, you have to think of the meaning behind. Like the character says this and he says is because he feels this and so on. It was a good movie, but its not something you would watch with your friends on a Sunday. And, lets be honest, not the movie a teenager would watch, cause they prefer something more simple and entertaining, something that didn't make your brain work. To sum up - the movie was not the best.

- We watched that already. - a very well hidden lie.

- That is unfortunate. Then how about a museum? That will help with your homework. - Parents, all they think about is work school and how warm you are.

- We have been to all the useful museum already. There is not many others to see.

And they were going to stay home alone and their parents would leave if it hadnt been for a small idea in Anya's mother's head:

- There was a gallery opening tonight. Its a really big gallery and all the guests are supposed to wear formal. It must be good.

- Mom, - Anya said, trying to hide her annoyance - dont we need and invitation to this knd of thing?

- Well, we dont this time. Its supposed to be a party for normal people like us. That is what they are trying to archieve - make art something anyone can access.

- But, Hermione doesnt even have a dress. Neither do the boys.

- We have time. They can buy.

There was no way out of it. They had to say yes. Well, one night out with your parents didn't hurt much. It was just that a night looking at art with your parents and a bunch of formal dressed grown ups was not exactly the teenage dream.

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