Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


8. The gallery opening

All of them went back home and started preparing for the evening event. Anya chose a dress that actually looked nice. After having some time to think, while she had half an hour when her mother left her, she managed to put everything she felt behind and keep on living, withour thinking about Joey. So, now she was a new woman. Smiling, cheerful and so on. And Joey was exactly the opposite, sad, depressed and so on. He couldnt forget so easily, but he could atleast pretend. This is how each of them felt that night.

It was time to leave. The boys, of course were ready, waiting for the girls, who were not ready of course. Joey and the others were so angry. How come they always had something else to do? How come they were never on time? It was so annoying!

- When will they come? Whats happening?

- No idea. Girls, you have to be used to this.

- Joey, can you go and ask them to hurry up?

Joey made an annoyed face and headed to the girls, but just when he was about to knock on the door, Anya came out. And what happens in the movies happened. She was wearing the perfect dress, she was prettiest than any other, she was sparkling, she was the most beautiful creature in the whole world etc. in Joey's eyes. And he was stunned, he didnt know what to say. Anya saw that and trying to avoid a compliment which would bring up her feelings she said:

- Can I help you?

Joey removed the amazed expression on his face and said, looking more normal:

- You can tell the others to hurry up.

- We are coming. - Lea shouted and came out, wrapping herself around Joey. - I suppose you missed me.

- I did, a lot.

- Do you like my dress?

The dress was not bad. It was actually pretty good, the perfect color and perfect model, but when you are inlove there is just one person whose dress you like. And in that case that was not your girlfriend.

- I love it. Looks good on you.

- I knew you would like it. Anya helped me choose it. - that was a part of her way of putting all feelings behind. And plus, Lea didn't do anything wrong, she deserved some help.

- Did you? That is so nice.

- Well, I like helping people with their clothes.

- You generally like helping people. - Joey said and it sounded much like a compliment. Love makes us say stuff we are not supposed to say. And this made things a bit awkward. For a moment noone said a word, until Anya's brother decided to brake the silence:

- Shall we go then?

They all left to the cars. It was a long journey to the gallery. Well, not hours, but like half an hour, which, if you are unfortunate to sit next to the wrong person is really really really long. Anyways, they finally arrived.

The gallery was, well a gallery. Some people find it the most wonderful place in the world, others, like everyone under 30, find it completely boring. But, as movies show and books say, Joey would prefer to stay there forever instead of beeing away from Anya. As for her, she was trying to forget and enjoy the night, but there was nothing to enjoy. It was all completely boring. Usually at these cases she would sit somewhere and think about something or do her homework or read a book. Unfortunatly it was the summere holidays - she didnt have homework and there was no place for a book in her pocket, she was left with thinking. And all she could of was him. It was all so stupid! Love is hard, she thought, she hadnt realised it before. With Harry it was all so easy. There wasn't any pain like this. They were just a boy and a girl and everything was calm. No worries, no struggle, nothing of this kind. And now, it was all so complicated. Joey had ruined her peaceful little world. Why?

And then her she saw it. Rain, outside. It was raining heavily and the streetlights were shinning in orange. Just like in that night. The night it all started. She couldn't bear this anymore. She had to escape and go out. She ran to the door. She escaped outside, leaving the rain to pour on her. And this was the first time whe went out not to enjoy the rain, but to escape.

Suprisingly, noone at the gallery noticed a girl running to the door. They all kept going with their stuff. There was a few people, though, who noticed she was missing. One of them was her mother:

- Joey, have you seen Anya? She was here a moment ago.

- That is what I was wondering. I will go to look for her.

He just heading to the door, when his mother grabbed him.

- Where are you going?

- We noticed Anya is not here, I was going to look for her.

- Is there something you are hiding?

- No.

- Everytime you are near that girl you look different. Don't forget you have a girlfriend. And she is such a fine girl.

- I know, mum. Nothing is happening.

- And Anya is such a wild girl. She is like a monkey, you cant control her. She doesn't obey.

- Or course she does.

- No! She only obeys her parents, she would run away everytime she has a chance. Look what is happening now? She escaped!

- Mom, please. I am sure its not like that. I will go.

- But ...

His mother didnt finish, because Joey ran outside. And he saw her. Standing alone outside. Like that night.

- What are you doing?

She didnt expect him, again.

- What do you want? I need to be alone.

- Are you crying?

She could not look vulnerable.

- No! Thats just the rain.

The first unbelievable lie she said.

- Anya, we both know that is not true.

- You want the truth? I am sitting outside in the rain, crying, bursting, I prefer to sit here on my own, wet and dirty, instead of beeing inside pretending to like the art. Is that what you want to hear?! Or maybe you wanna hear how much you hurt me?! Or how much I miss you?!

He didn't say anything.

- Why are you here anyway, Joey? What do you want?

- You think you are the only one suffering? I feel pain too!

- Excuse me, for not beeing sorry for you! It is really so sad to have to girlfriends!

- Don't pretend to be a saint! You are cheating on my brother too, that didn't come to your mind!

- Yes, I am, but when we met you knew I have a boyfriend, I didnt lie to you!

- Still, I told you - I didnt know we have a relationship. I thought she knew!

- Did you come to tell me this?

- No, I came to do this.

And guess what happened next? He kissed her. Suprise! After that horible day, it was all over in one moment. In this moment they were not suffering anymore. And it was all perfect. Best part - all of their friends and parents were watching. I guess Joey's mother was quite happy.

As a girl in a movie said "We are all fools in love"

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