Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


4. Parents

Well, there was a period of about a week, when nothing interesitng happened. Anya and Joey were together. They finally told their friends the truth, not the best day of the holiday, but finally, after a long day of thinking they accepted it and everything caried on like before. They were just a group of friends during the summer having fun together.

And it was really cool, until the thing most children hate came - The parents. As I told you before, the group was living on their own in an apartment, so every once in a while, their parents came to check if everything was ok. And, as all the movies show us, parent time meant cleaning time. They had to tidy up the whole apartment. Hide the alcohol, hide all the junk foood, hide the clothes you bought, so they dont see the label. On their place the firdge was filled with water and fruit juice, the cupboards - with fruit, vegetables and normal food and the shopping bags - with books and soap. To sum up, they had to change the picture of free living, unhealthy and wild teenagers, who sleep all day and party, into smart, suffisticated and responsible young adults, who can take care of themselves. Sounds hard, but after the second time, they just got used to it.

And so the parents arrived. There were in total eight control figures in the house. And of course, as soon as they enetered their first job was to go and squish their children, showing their painful love. Isnt it so nice when you are with mommy and daddy? And then, the second job was to ask all the important and really amusing questions:

- How is the weather?

- What did you eat for breakfast?

- Do you want to go out together?

And each child had to answer with amusement and try to give the right answer. It was all trained many times and all of them were profesionals about it. Everything was going to go really smooth if only Joey's mother was bit more selfish.

- Joey, do you spend time on reading for school, like I told you? It is really important, you know.

- Yes, mom, I do. - well, this was actually a lie, but it would probably be better if it was not.

- I know you do. You are such a good child. And .... because of your special effort all the time - I have a suprise for you.

"This cant be good" - Joey thought, but he still tried to look excited.

- What is it, mom?

- Me and your father, took Lea with us when we were coming here.

Joey's face suddenly froze.

- You brought, Lea, here. That is so ...... wonderful. - He was trying to be cheerful, which was convincing for his parents, but not for his friends. However, explanation had to wait, because now a girl with a short, brown hair walked inside. She had blue eyes like the sky, which started  glowing when she saw Joey. She walked to him and grabbed him in a hug.

- I am so happy, to see you Joey! Its been such a long time!

Joey was speechless. No idea what was happening in his head, but it was visible he is very shocked. But noone knew if it was good or bad. And Anya wanted to, so she went closer to thme and asked:

- Hello, my name is Anya and you are?

- I am Lea, nice to meet you.

- And are you like best friends or something?

- No! He is my boyfriend.

I bet you didnt see that coming!

Wasnt that just perfect? Anya had a boyfriend and Joey had a girfriend. So, now they both had to choose. But, what was better was that now Anya was not the only one who is guilty! Like that was her dream all along. Its like she wished it! It couldnt become any better!


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