Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


7. In the evening

As you all know from the previous chapter, now all of the teenagers had to go out in the mall to choose a formal attire for the evening. So there they were trying on. Anya was looking at some dresses wchich only a model could wear. She didn't really care much. A blue dress or a yellow one, with ribbons or without, looks good or doesn't. It was not important. She didn't want to go to the gallery anyways. She wanted to stay at home alone all night and cry or just stay depressed. Why was her mother always like that? Making her go somewhere, expecting the two of them like the same thing? Well, maybe because Anya pretended it is like that. A life lesson to everyone - Don't pretend you like your parents, more pocket money is not worth it.

So, Anya was standing there pretending to care when Hermione, who saw her depression, came to talk.

- I didn't know you like sparkly dresses. You've always said they look trampy.

- They do. I am just not in the shopping mood right now.

- Does the blond gentleman called Joey, have anything to do with that?

- What do you think?

- Just forget him. He lied, so? You were playing a dangerous game anyways. What was going to happen when Harry got back? Do you think you would have blessed you and wished you a happy end?

- You think I haven't thought of that? I just didn't know what to do.

- Now, you know. You can leave Joey and stay with the boyfriend you have been with for years. Problem solved. Now, leave that depressed face and choose a dress that you actually like.

- You dont get it. I cant leave that depressed face out of a sudden. I need some time to close myself in an empty room alone and cry. Like girls in the movies do. With the only difference, that when I come out I have left everything behind. This simply how my emotions work.

- Then how about you choose a dress, then we go home, you close yourself and when you come out tonight everything would be behind.

- That is the perfect idea! Why didn't I think of it? Maybe because the thing called my mother wants to be stuck to me every second of the day. It luck I got her to buy some accesories, so I can have a time alone.

- Well, unfortunatly parents are like that. 

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