Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


2. How it all continued

Well, she eventually also went to back to her room. She cant stay in the rain for the whole night, plus she needs to sleep. So, after a long night of trying to sleep, which was impossible as other romance novels tell us, they got up and suprisingly they went to breakfast at the same time. And I suppose this has never happened in any movie or book before. And to make the situation more tense, they were not alone. There were other people in the room (cousins and friends) who were always living in the same apartment. So they couldnt yet talk to each other and get it over with. They had to wait until everybody left.

- So, where were you last night? - a friend asked. A question both of them wanted to avoid.

- Well, it was raining so I was outside. Like you dont know me. - She said trying to avoid someone asking details.

- Anya, I was not asking you, I was asking Joey (that is the boy by the way, if you havent figured that out).

- Well, I was in my room. I did nothing special really.

- I came to your room at about nine and you were not there. - another friend called.

- I was probably at the toilet. Or maybe, now I remember, I was out for a walk. You know, healthy life style. - he said trying to be convincing, which suprisingly worked and the others moved to a more interesting subject.

- We were thinking to go visit the shopping mall today. We havent been there in days. So, finish breakfast quickly and then we are leaving.

So, all of them were going to leave, which was perfect.

- You know what, guys ... I am gonna skip today. I am not really into the mall mood. So, you better go.

- But we wanted to see that movie you have been talking about for days. How can you skip?

- I am just in the mood for a lazy day. I will watch tv and lay on the sofa.

- You can show me how you beat everyone at cards every time! - Joey interrupted, as if he had just thought about it.

Their friends looked at them with disbelief.

- So, the two of you will just stay here the whole day instead of coming with us? I bet there was something toxic in that rain.

- We can go to the shopping mall at any time, just not today. You go and have fun!

- Weird, but Ok. See you later.

Their friends left after an hour of preparations. The house was finally all for them. Now was the time they have been waiting for. And fearing from.

Anya decided to speak first.

- So, what do you wanna do first?

- I dont know. How about you tell me what was that yesterday?

- What do you mean? I was just sitting outside in the rain, not much to share.

- I meant that kiss. What happened?

- It was just a kiss, why are you so mad about it?

- Maybe, because we have been living together for a moth now and for most of this time you knew what I felt for you. I told you I want to be with you, and you told me you have a boyfriend, so I backed of and stayed as your friend. But then out of a sudden we kiss and you ask me why am I mad?!

- Should I tell you, you kissed me first?

- You responded! If it was so bad for you, why didnt you push me? Like you did with the other guy. I know you felt something too. I know that and I am asking you what are we gonna do?

- Well ... I like you. I really do, so why not give it a try?

- What about Harry? Your boyfriend for the pas few years?

- I can tell him its over, when he gets back.

- But I cant. I cant do that to him.

- Why not? You said you want to be with me.

- He is my brother, remember? I cant take his girl. Its forbidden, especially if he is away.

- I forgot about that. You two dont act like brothers.

- Unfortunately we are. And I cant just go and tell him "Hi, how was town, by the way, I took the girl you are in love with and now she is with me".

- Then, how about we start dating now and when he gets back I break up with you and go back to him?

The perfect offer! I wonder how much he has been waiting for it?

- Thats an option. But I want you to tell him all that happened between us. I want you to tell him the whole truth.

- Ok. I guess I would have to tell him, eventually.

And that is the desicion the took. A little strange but it satisfied everyone. Joey got Anya for as long as he could and Anya didnt have to choose between the two of them. I admit it is kind of really mean, but who can blame the girl for falling in love with the brother of her boyfriend and her boyfriend? I am sure you know a girl who likes two guys at the same time and doesnt know which one to choose, maybe you can offer her this option. I am sure it would solve the problem.

You might ask why Joey agreed to this. Well, as you all know, he really likes her and wants to be with her. After all, having her for a while and then suffering is much better than never having her.

Cheese as always! :)



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