Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


5. Burned like a toast

After finding out that Joey was not completely honest with her, Anya was, of course, absolutely happy. Thats why she had this extremely interesting picture in her head of burning him like a toast. Or maybe just throw him from the top floor onto the ground. Easier, but less painful and also hard to hide the tracks.

- His boyfriend! Thats so - she took a deep breath- cool! You dint tell me you have a girfriend.

- I suppose it was never our topic.

- I suppose so.

Now she was sure - burning was her choice. But she wanted to talk with him in private first.

- By the way, I completely forgot, me and Joey, we were preparing a desert for you, so we have to go in the kitchen. I am sorry.

- Can I come tooo? - Lea asked in an excited voice.

- No! Its a suprise! You have to wait.

- Thats so sad, go then, I will wait here.

And so they moved to the kitchen. They said they will prepare a suprise, so they had to prepare a suprise and talk meanwhile. So there they were, cooking, Anya slicing some chokolate and Joey stiring the flour with milk.

- So, she is your girlfriend.

- Well.... yes. She is.

- It would have been nice to tell me this before. Like, for example, before you told me you wanna be with me. That would have been a nice time.

- Well, - he left the flour and went closer to her - It was a long time ago, I went on my trip and then I stopped liking her, everything stopped, we stopped talking to each other and so on and evverything came to an end, but I just forgot to end it.

- Havent your mother told you, NOT to lie to the girl holding a knife? - she said pointing the knife to his heart.

- She skipped that part. But It would not be needed, because I am not lying. Its the truth!

- I dont believe you. And I dont care, we were not permanent anyway, so stay with her.

And that was the second very very very very smart decision they made.

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