Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


10. An argument

We all saw an exmple of two similar parents. One who was trying to control her son like he was her pet and he was supposed to ebey every single word, and one who had already done that in the past and she now knew she must be more liberal and try to control her child in a more liberal way. We all saw how each one ended - Joey was going away with his parents and Anya decided not to obey (wonder which method to use on my child). And now it's time to see what happened after the sermon.

By a magical cuincidence they both came out of the opposite rooms at the same time, which of course ment that was the time to talk.

- Hi. - Joey said.

- Is that all you have to say?

- What should I say?

- I don't know, you just seemed a lot more talkative yesterday at the gallery opening.

- It was different at that time.

- Different? What was different?! Are you telling me that everything changed for one night?!

- Well ... it did.

- How come? You no longer feel the same? You no longer feel pain for beeing away from me? Was that just a random thing you say?

- No! None of that is changed! It's still the same. My feelings are the same, the haven't changed since last night. They haven't changed since the start of this holiday. They are all the same! But everything else is different.

- How is it different? As long as we feel the same way nothing else matters!

- I am moving away, Anya! After today you will no longer see me! I will leave and go home!

- You don't have to go. You can just stay here with me.

- And what?

- We'll figure it out.

- Anya, be real, we are teenagers! We can't live without our parents! We are irresponsible and emotional! We can't take care of ourselves, we need someone to take care of us!

- There are people our age who leave their parents.

- Yes, and they end up looking for food in the trash cans on the street!

- How do you know it will be like that?

- It's obvious!

- So you give up just because you want to have life of luxuries where you can eat good food and buy fancy clothes?!

- It's not like that!

- Then how is it? Don't you believe we can do it? If we love each other that's all that matters.

- You live in a fairytale! Life is not like that!

- Don't say that! I live in the real world!

- No, you don't! You are like a child! You eat loads of chokolate and you make that strange face when you don't like the food served and you go out everytime it rains just to have fun, but you never think that you may catch a cold! You are a child, Anya! You think the world is perfect, but it's not!

- If it's so irritating for you why did you stick around me every single day?!

- I don't know. I honestly don't know.

They both became silent. None of them knew what to say. It was a loooong second. Then his mother interrupted them.

- Joey, come to pack your stuff.

He left the room and she went to hers.

What I don't get about couples is that they always have to fight. No matter what, they always always have a fight.

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