Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


9. After the gallery opening

So, we left our two fools snogging in the rain after half a day of suffering without each other. It must have been painful nine hours. I mean people in books and movies spend, for example, months apart, but I guess nine hours is still painful. And I am sure none of you predicted they would get back together. After all, this story is not like other romance stories. But, enough of me, lets hear about what happened next.

Anya and Joey were separated from each other. And each of them had a very serious talk with their parents. Let's hear Joey's talk.

- How on earth did you think of that? Haven't we raised you to be responsible and logical? - guess who was saying that, his lovely mother of course! -  Haven't we taught you to choose well the people you spend time with and not just leave everything because of some Barbie girl?

- She is not a just a Barbie girl!

- She is just a phase in your life. Just something that you like, because you can't have, she is not a responsible girl and a good match for you. She is wild and unpredictable!

- You don't know what she is!

- I know she is one of those girls who take boys for toys and play with them.

- Maybe she looks like one of them, but she is not.

- Anya is fooling you around! She is just a summer fling! Nothing more!

- To me she is not! I know what a summer fling is and I know she is something much bigger!

- I will not allow my son to behave in such way! Now pack your stuff, we are leaving!

And that was the final word. Noone could argue with the power of Joey's mother, she controled them all (the family) like dolls made for playing. And they all obeyed her. Sometimes with not much pleasure, but they still did. You don't really know her, but this woman is really really bossy. There is just something about her attitude and the way she behaved that showed to everyone she is much more superior. That is why she always won the arguments.

And the argument with Anya and her mother was basically the same. Mother - really bossy and shouting, child - very upset. The difference was Anya actually refused to leave. Joey just stayed silent after the final word but Anya did not. She refused to go, saying they noone can make her do it.

- What happened to you?- her mother was looking at her with dissapointment.

- What do you mean?

- You used to be such a nice girl. You were the perfect daughter. What changed all that? Last time when you behaved like that was when ...

- You forbid me to be with Harry.

- Yes! You see now? It's exactly the same now. You don't listen to a word I tell you!

- Well maybe, cause YOU are not listening!

- You wanted to be with Harry, you fought for that for so long. Me and your dad - we were against it. We forbid you to see him and tried to change your opinion in every possible way. It did not work. We finally allowed you to see him and stopped our opposition. And now you tell me there is another guy? You can see yourself we were right! The first one was not good for you! So listen now - Joey is not a good choice!

- You don't understand! I thought I was inlove with Harry, I did, but now I know It was not true.

- Anya, please listen to me now! Can't you see I have a reason? I don't want to torture you. I just want a serious choice. I choice which is not some summere flirt you had! Try to see what I mean.

- I can't see what you mean! All I see is that you tell me to stop seeing him without even looking at the bigger picture! This is all I see.

- What do you expect me to do? Leave you stay with Joey and watch you leave him when another guy shows up? Just watch you change them?

- It's not like that! You think you know me, but you don't! And I will not let you ruin my life! I fought this battle once I can fight it again.

And this is how the second conversation finished. Pretty different from the first one and if you think about it - completely pointless. What was the point of Anya standing her ground and refusing to let go if Joey was forced to? To me - none. But this is a romantic story, which means things will actually turn out to have a happy end. Well, this doesn't happen yet, but there is still time to fix things. But, just for now, stay in the sad mood for a while, until the end and pretend you don't know there is a happy end, because that would ruin all the drama and the tension. :)

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