Another cheese romantic story

As the title says this is just another cheese romantic story like any other. I have no idea if you will like it and I suppose most of you wont, but anyways I have some time to waste. :)


1. How it all started

Like most of the romantic stories - this one is set in the summer. Most specifically - June. This doesnt really matter, because love stories are the same every time. No matter if its in March, October or December - love is still love. Anyways, what is more unique about this story is the girl and the boy are already a couple. Can you believe this? A story that actually starts from the part that we all want to see. I doesnt end with the big kiss or whatever. It actually starts with it. Cool, isnt it? So, talking about the big kiss - lets hear all about it.

It was a very warm summer night. Rain was pouring heavilly from the sky. It was a really dark night, but there were few streetlights which were shining in orange, giving some light to the people passing by. Not that anyone would think of passing by, you would get soaking wet! However, there was this one person who didnt mind. She was one of those girls who are a bit childish. They want adventures, to have fun and stuff like that. She was often called a plan maker - she always needed to have a plan, to know what is happening now and later in the future. Basically she was called a person who knows that going out in the rain during the night can cause a major flu. But, at this very moment she was not the plan maker. She was the child, who didnt care. She wanted to have fun and that was all that mattered. She was dancing in the rain at a playground in the pouring rain. She was having the time of her life and nothing could stop that.

On the other hand, there was a person who was not feeling quite the same. And that was the boy in the story. To be honest, at that time he didnt know her perfectly. After all, they met a week ago, so he did not know that she enjoys dancing in the rain. Still he really liked her and he wanted more than friendship. Whatever, moving on with the story, when he saw her all on her own out there in the wet he was quite frightened. So his reflex was to go down to her and check whats wrong.

Thats how he interupted her. It was a bit cold for him, but that did not matter at the moment.

- What are you doing out here? - he asked as soon as she was close enough. She hadnt noticed there is someone with her, so this question took her out of her dream back into the real world.

- I am just enjoying the rain. Anything wrong with that?

- Normally people hide from it.

- I dont think you may call me normal.

- Yes, I came to this conclusion during the past week.

The whole conversation was said with almost no emotion shown. You know, for example when you have to talk with someone you dont want to talk to. As if like they didnt want to say anything or maybe, because they were not allowed to. Things were not as simple as "you like me - I like you", there were some complications. They couldnt be together, but they wanted to. As in any cheese novel. Anyways, lets move on.

The conversation sounded emotionless, although both of them were full of emotions on the inside. And for some unexplainable reason with every line they were a step closer to each other. So, when the last line was spoken, they were santimeters away from each other (perfect kissing distance). And as you may have predicted he leaned forward and kissed her, to which she responded. And like that they stood there, in the rain, on their own, kissing. And it was a perfect moment for both of them.

But, it had to end. They pulled away from each other and the perfect moment was over. They realised this was not a fairytale and one kiss couldnt solve anything. It could only make things worse. So what they needed to do was separate from each other and think. Like responsible grown ups.

He went back to his room. Which, by the way was at the same apartment as hers, just so you know. And she just stayed in the rain. But this time she was not having fun, she was trying to solve her messed up life.





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