Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


11. Why is there mornings???


A warm golden light hit my face, heating it up. Then I made the mistake of opening my eyes. The bright light flooded into my eyes after blinking rapidly things came back into focus. The room was a almost damp looking gray, the window closest to me was open slightly. The warm early fall breeze kissed my face. I sighed, I really needed to get up. I streched my back and through back the bed sheets and stood. My feet touched the cold stone floor and goosebumps formed. I dragged myself slowly to the bathroom connected to the large girls area. I locked the door put my wand down with my uniform and took a quick shower. I pulled my clothes on and rubbed the towel against the mirror. I swallowed the scream that threatened to break free at a seconds notice. Written behind me on the wall was written on 'Hello heir to Slytherin' stuck to the wall was a photo of me. I used an eraser spell and quickly used my wand to dry my hair. I gathered my things and opened the door, still shaking from my note on the wall. Pansy was walking up the stairs. She looked sleepy and half awake. She wordlessly walked past me and slipped into the bathroom she gave me a dirty look as she shut the door. I packed my school bag and put my laundery away. I grabbed my bag and walked down the stairs tying my green and silver tie. Blaise was laying on the couch from the night before.

"Finally someones awake" I laughed at how relieved he looked.

"Yes, Sadly I am." Blaise nodded and grinned.

"Blaise whats todays date?" He looked puzzled for a moment

"October 29, I think" I was suprised. I thought it was earlier.

"Isn't the Halloween Ball in what, 2 days?"

"Yeah we are going to Hogsmeade tomorrow" I almost slapped my face, I forgot to ask Uncle Snape for a slip.

"You forgot didn't you?" He raised an eyebrow at my currently red face. I nodded sheepishly he rolled his eyes and grabbed my tie. Dragging me out the door by my tie giggling I yanked my tie back. He threw an arm around my neck and proceeded to walk with me in a headlock under his right arm. We were both laughing as we rounded the corner black dress shoes came into my vision line with the floor.

"Morning Malfoy, I'm just teaching little Rose here that no one is bad on my watch." Blaise said like he was proud of himself. He let me go, I stood and fixed my hair.

"Oh really? Me bad? What did I do shower at the wrong tempture?" I gave Blaise my most sarcastic smile I could muster. His lips curved up in a grin I didnt quite like.

"No, you should know no girl shows alone." I rolled my eyes in discust at Blaise he laughed. Glaring at him I snapped

"Maybe I didn't...." Blaise's amused expression dropped off his face and his mouth dropped open I glanced at Malfoy. His gray eyes looked slightly amused and angery his face as unreadable as always, his blonde hair slightly damp at the end that made it curl in a way that knotted my stomach.

"Isnt that right love?" I looked jokingly at Malfoy, I think his response suprised me more than him and well I dont think Blaise could take anymore suprises.

"I think I wouldve remember that." He glanced back at my green eyes that were wide. He winked and slid past us with his smooth accent gracing my ears. I wiped my elated grin off my face before Blaise saw it. Blaise was glarning daggers at me.

"What I was kidding! Geez take a joke" I smiled at him, he finally rolled his eyes and smiled. At that his stomach growled echoing in the hallway.

"Have you eaten in the last month?" I asked incredously looking at his stomach.

"Yes! But Im hungery so we are getting breakfast." He pointed dramatically down the hall.

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