Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


4. Thunder resounds but Lightening flashes


     "Welcome back to Hogwarts,and this year we have a new special sorting, from Madame BeaBuaxons Academy Rosalie. Please welcome her and let us see where she is placed before our welcome back banquet." boomed Dumbledore from his owl poduim. "Proffessor McGonagall will you place the sorting hat on our guest?" A small withered brown old witches hat came out cradled in the proffessors arms before it seemed to come to life. The hat burst into a lively song in tune with the surrounding witches and wizards clapping


"Oh, you may not think I'm pretty, But don't judge on what you see, I'll eat myself if you can find a hat smarter than me.

You can keep your bowlers black, For I'm the Hogwrts sorting hat and I can top them all. There's nothing hidden in your head that I

can't see. So try me on and I'll tell you where you ought to be. You might belong in Gryffindor,Where dwell the brave at heart, Their

daring, nerve and chivalry....Set Gryffindors apart;  You might belong in Hufflepuff, Where they are loyal and just, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil; Or yet a wise old Ravenclaw, If you've a steady mind, Where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind; Or perhaps Slytherin, You'll make real friends, Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends. So put me on! Don't be afraid! And dont get in a flap! You're in good hands ( although I have none) FOR I AM A THINKING CAP!"

Professor McGonagall placed the hat with a light thump onto my head. The hat began to pick through my mind slowly memory by memory.

"Hummmm, You have all the makings of a great Gryffindor, but also a greater Slytherin, and Ravenclaw. My dear you have a very odd mind... I think I should better place you in......" the hat stopped as if to pause for dramatic affect. I felt my face redden and my hands get clammy. Suddenly the hat began to tremble as it seemed to be inhaling.....

"SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!" screamed the hat. Professor McGonagall took the hat and from the corner of my eye I saw Snape grin just a little then quickly wipe it off his face as if he was terrifed that someone saw. I stood off the small wooden stool that disapered after I stood, I strode confidently to the table covered in silvers, greens and black. I saw half the guys girlfriends start talking to them and most of the other girls instantly began to talk. I rolled my eyes and here comes the gossip i thought. I walked and sat down by Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, Draco, Pansy and someother girl I didn't know. Dumbledore started some speech he does evey year and I spent most of it with my eyes closed. PLINK. Something hit my cheek I opened my eyes and saw a paper dove infront of me. It unfolded itself and it was a note from Hermione.

'Rose, I'd wake up the Slytherin Prefect looks ready to take a bite out of you mate. -H"

I let out a giggle as Blaise looked at the note in my hand I wrote quickly back

'Who is it? -R' and blew the dove out of my hands and it soared back to Hermione. As Dumbledore clapped all the food showed up.

"So Blaise, how does rooming work?" I said as I piled my plate with much less then he did. He tried to talk but had chicken in his mouth and ended sounding more like 'Ufmph yoif roum wioth ' and was gesturing with the chicken leg in his hand to the point Draco was ducking to avoid the chicken leg. Draco gave Blaise a cold stare and scowled at me

"Girls in one side, Boys in the other but girls can go in the boys dorms because they were more trusted." He made a small face at the trust part. I started laughing.

"Well they didn't know girls very well did they?" Blaise choked on his pumpkin juice and started coughing and spit the pumpkin juice all over the side of Pansy's face.



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