Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


14. This is how it starts


I nodded, she could trust me I think. Well yes she can, my record for trust and/or loyalty hasnt been as high as it could be. A small mental voice told me that it was in my blood. I mentally shook the thought out of my head. Images of my father and the silver mask that was always there in a wand movement, him hitting me when I messed up. Horrible things happened behind the polished doors of the Malfoy Manor that I never wanted to think about, the hidden darkness in all of us that hidden behind a smile. Rose's green eyes looked into mine, feelings of affection and protectiveness washed over me. The thoughts of my father washed out of my head. My hand seemed to move with its own accord and covered hers. The tingles still ran up my arm, my face burned slightly. Her face was painted shade of red made obvious by her pale skin.

"You can trust me" I felt myself say, for some reason it felt differnt than all those other times, different in a good way, like I promised myself I wouldn't hurt her. In the end, I knew I would but what made it worse was I didnt care. I just want to hear her velvet voice laced in an American accent that made me smile on the inside. Rose's eyes leapt with happiness and her entire face glowed in her bright smile, a small smile formed on my own lips. Rose shifted and sat up and curled her long legs under her, she inclined her head for me to sit on the bed. I sat down lightly and never broke the eye contact.

"I..I don't know what I means, but it obviously means somthing, and I dont know that something, not yet or anything but..." Her voice came out fast and in one breath. I raised an eyebrow. She took a deep breath and calmed down more.

"Well he said 'We have no time, We need to leave to prepare, Oh its coming, Rose, its coming for us, for me.' I asked him what he meant but then he just said 'The Dark One, your his property Rose, he's coming for his daughter, her gift of light, removal of the emotion she can fix his broken horcruxx. His key to live lies in the pandoras box he made his child'. I tried to ask him what he ment but thats when he h..h..hit me." She sputtered the end out flinching slightly. My blood ran cold at her words. I felt myself blink and just stare. She looked nothing, like the Dark Lord. Her wavy blonde hair, pale skin and alive green eyes were quite the opposite of Lord..the Dark Lord. She suprised me even more when she continued to speak.

"Harry also said something else along the lines of 'check your mothers heratiage' or something" She looked at me and studied me intenstly. Her eyes narrowed slightly at me stony cold expression.

"Do you know anything about that. Any of it? Because if I didn't like you so much I'd say you looked guilty." She crossed her arms over her chest and met my eyes defiently. A full smile broke across my face. She looked almost shocked and blinked, her red face didn't match the stone cold face she was attempting.

"So you like me?" I asked smiling at her still, red flared in her cheeks again. Rose's eyes widened and she looked shocked. Her mouth dropped open slightly, and began to open and close without sound like a fish with no water.

"I...I..I didn't say that! Now answer the question do you know something?" Footsteps echoed loudly against the marble stairs near the door. I turned and stood. Professor Snape swung the door open.

"Mr. Malfoy, seeing as you should be in class anyway, I bid you goodbye so you can get there." His black hair fell in his pasty face and the sneer was everpresent.

"Madame Pomfery told me to take Rose... ah I mean Rosalie to class Professor." His black eyes met mine.

"I do not care, Leave now, she will be escorted down by someone." His cold voice chilled the room down a few degrees.

"But sir..."

"No buts! Get to class...Now you insolent fool" He pulled the hem of his sleeves back and pointed behind him without giving me a second look. I moved toward the door, I glanced back. Rose looked terrified. I quickly whispered a bedazzlement hex that made me briefly invisable. I closed the door to make it sound like I left. Rose didnt see and looked even more fearful.

"Inpenterabla" Snape pointed at the door a silver and white fog settled over the door and rendered it next to useless.

"Rose, What did we talk about. No interactions with anyone. You know the punishment." Snape flicked out his wand and pointed it at her.  He began to move his wand

"Impedimenta" Rose froze, a tear rolling out of her eye stopped, so did her fearful shaking. Snape paced around the small gurney.

"Why did I have to take you in hum? Your not family. Your mother was my friend she was special.Clearly she didn't pass that on. Your step-father a loyal deatheater and well now your interfering with the Dark Lord's buisness. Thats not good for anyone so I need to fix that." Snape glared cooly at her. It made my mind whirl. She was hit adopted daughter, her step father a death eater, further validating what Harry said about her real father. Snape poised his wand again.

"Indecarcrious" Ropes sprang from his wand and wrapped painfully around her wrists and ankles, pulling them into a painful position. Still unable to move her eyes glazed over in pain. My blood boiled, I gritted my teeth so hard I was convinced I would break a tooth. Snape whipped around and pointed his wand at he door.

"Now Rosalie Bishop, for once in your incapable life listen to me. Stay way from the Potter child. You are interfering." His wand poised back at her

"Sectumsempra" A flow of red and dots of color bled through her clothes. I wanted to kill him more than anyone in that moment. Mumbling with his wand pointed he muttered words I strained my ears to hear. The red flow stopped and the ropes faded, as did the fog over the door. The rope burns didnt disapear. Snap stormed out the door with his cape flowing behind him. Rose twiched and began to cry. She pointed her wand at her uniform whipering 'Scourigify' and 'Reparo'. She wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands and sniffled lightly, pulling down the sleeves she crossed the room to get her books. Still under the charm I apperated to the outside classroom of Herbology.

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