Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


5. The Flash, but not the superhero kind


*Rosalie about 7 years ago in Diagion Alley*

"Uncle Snape, Why is everyone in a hurry?" he gave me a sneer and pushed my small 10 year old body into a wand shop. The old dusty wooden sign read 'Olivanders, makers of fine wands since early BC'

"Uncle Snape how long ago is B.C? Is it as old as you? Or old like the dinosaurs?" I asked in my high pitched voice that bounced off the small but crowded wooden shop. Long, thin almost green boxes were stacked higher than the eye could see. Each had an odd label on it '1/2 Drag.Unicorn;Braided; 13' and 'Drag.Heart; Holly'.

"Rosalie if you do not become quiet this second you will be finding your own way home. OLIVANDER!" Snape growled into the stacks of boxes. A small old man with wild salt and pepper hair suddenly appeared from the aisles.

"Oh hello, hello, is this really your niece Severus? How she lookes so sweet and innocent." He said in a light mocking tone

"Yes, yes she is sadly mine. And she needs a wand" I nodded along with is words trying to figure out what  '1/2 Drag.Unicorn;Braided; 13' ment. I reached on my tip toes and tried to grab the box while the adults wern't paying attention.  Almost there, Almost.... right before I grabbed the silky looking greenish box it flew down to me.

"Well Snape, looks like I dont need to do much. The wand has already chosen her. Come on I'll give you a lolly if you can bet me to the register." I clutched the box and ran to the register. As I turned a corner a little girl with big brown eyes and hair that seemed almost alive ran into each other lauhging I held out my hand to help her up.

"Sorry" I giggled " I guess I wasn't careful. I'm Rosalie." and stuck out my hand. The girl looked a bit flustered and shook my hand then soon after laughed too, "I'm Hermione, and niether was I." I can't explain why this was so funny but it made us laugh untill we had to sit. She looked up and simply said like it was already going to happen, "Lets be friends." "Okay but we need to go, maybe we can go to the book shop together!". From these simple lines I found my closest friend even after I went to Beau Bauxtons and her to Hogwarts. Over the time of six years we became penpals, best friends to family. I was her wizarding family and she became my only family. She told me all about the high celings, the musty halls, the ghosts, the fat lady and even Draco. Although she wasnt as nice about him. I told her all about the girls in blue sashaying around as if they owned it, Fleur Delacor and our own ghosts. We still had our inside jokes and secrets like the one time for the holidays I stayed with her and her muggle family and learned what a TV and a 'remote' was for. But the one thing that always is crossing my mind is why she never mentioned she knew Ron and Harry. But I can see why but i am talking to her about it. But it goes to show even in a second a stranger can be your family like your family can be a stranger, trust me.


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