Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


2. Station 9 and 3/4

The loud hustle and bustle of London's streets were very odd to me, being a small town Irish girl. I couldnt see why they where all in such a hurry.  I shoved in my muggle ipod earbuds and flipped to my favorite songs. A loud burst of All Time Low made me laugh at myself and turn down the volume.Humming along to 'Backseat Seranade' I stared dreamily out of the bus to station 9 and 3/4ths. As we slowed to a stop I peered up at the muggle tower that went on for floors, it made my head spin with the height. Snape tore my attention away from the building by grabbing my ear and dragging me to the door of the bus outside of our stop.

Grabbing my trunk and new owl I followed Snape through the invisible brick wall of station 9 and 3/4ths. A pair of arms and a light girlish scream echoed in my ears making Snape turn.

“Hello Miss Granger, Rosalie I think you are okay I shall you in DADA class.” he said coolly and turned on his heel and stomped to his compartment. 

“Well he has knickers in a twist. Is he always like that? I mean really I’m his niece!” I said with an eye roll. Hermione’s mouth dropped open and I realized she didn’t know.

“He’s your WHAT??? Teachers aren’t allowed to have family in their class” She said in a low whisper, her eyes as wide as saucers.

“Yes, I found out this year. But you tell not a soul.” I nervously began to play with the glowing snake around my neck, I didn’t think her eyes could get wider but somehow they did and gave her the expression of a smashed bug.

“W-W-Who gave that to you?!” she breathed out in a whoosh.

I instantly dropped the snake and pointed to the owl and back at her

“Um, Hermy? They came from someone called a Malfoy.” I said with an eye roll at her craziness.

Her eyes instantly darkened and she nodded her head towards a family appearing through the same brick wall you just stepped through. A beautiful tall blonde was holding her equally attractive blonde husbands arm, when he walked out next levitating his trunk lazily with the expression of a toddler who grew tired of a new toy. He leaned his lean and pale frame against the trains stowing car the sunlight highlighting the pale white blond of his messily flipped hair. His cold, gray- blue eyes pierced into my own sharp green. I quickly looked down feeling the color I my cheeks rise. 

“That’s the Malfoy’s and their son, Draco.” Hermy said with a hint of distain and annoyance.

My eyes widened in the disbelief this handsome boy standing across the platform was the ‘pale, ferret-faced cockroach of a pure blood’. I felt myself pat Hermione’s arm and say

“Il go store my things I’ll find you inside yeah?” already gathering your things

“Okay, but don’t take to long Pansy Parkinson is never far behind from him, all though a good kick in the bum would do her wonders.” Hermione said with a giggle walking to talk to some red head she liked, what was his name? Ron! Thats right! Absently I patted my pocket to check for my white and silver, 13inch with a dragon and unicorn braided core wand, I grabbed Nightmares cage and started to walk to the compartment, straight for Draco and the poor red head packing the luggage.

“Thanks so much please take good care of her okay?” I said sarcastically to the cute red head. After he dropped my suitcase I wasnt hopeful. Thinking this was a compliment his chest puffed up with pride and saluted me like a soldier. Remembering your ‘manners’ that made the last 7 disciplinarians disappear, I gathered as much courage as I could muster and walked to the Malfoy's. I saw the family look you over until a flash of remembrance crossed the fathers eyes. Feeling uncomfortable i wrung my hands together in front of me.

“Hello Miss Rosalie, I see you look well kept.” he sneered at your clothes. His wife slapped his arm

“Luc!! Behave! You to Draco! My dear please forgive my thick, headed, prick-minded OHHH YOUR WEARING MY NECKLACE.” she exclaimed pulling you into a tight hug. “Cost more than I’d care to mention but so worth it, you have a simply angelic look about you my dear.”

I couldn’t stop the laugh if my life depended on it. Cracking up I managed to choke out

“Thanks, but from what I hear it’s quite the opposite of angelic.” Smiling brightly you and Narcissi begin to laugh together and with a wink she pulled away and nudged Draco closer.

“This is my apparently SHY son, Draco.” she smirked as Draco’s color rose.

“I am not shy.” Draco snapped, I felt his eyes travel mybody and felt his gaze stop on my rose shaped lips. Pulling them into an involuntary smile, I showed my pearl white perfect teeth, and dimples. Realizing he was still staring I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Hello, Malfoy.” I said with a heavy dose of sarcasm and held out your hand. I saw his eyes color with something, feeling? I’d be crazy to think so given the cold look he gave his own mother. What I would give to talk to my mom hug her or even protect her from the horrid death she took in my place. The sadness never vanishes it just occasionally dulls.

“Hello, Rozalie.” He said with a an soft lilt I couldn’t place, that gave me goosebumbs, placing my smaller hand in his larger warm one, I felt fragile and delicate.

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