Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


7. Secrets and a starry sky



I jogged about a flight behind Kingsley as she hopped up the stairs. I mean my legs were pretty long but hers practically put her up a flight of stairs. Laughing the whole way she was telling me the history of my teachters. I had to laugh at her when she describes my uncle... I mean Professor Snape. Her expression was like she sucked on a lemon with salt.

"He is a good teacher he just dislikes any other house besides Slytherin." She said as she slowed to a walk as I caught up.

"Well gee, I wonder why?! He is the Slytherin House Head." I rolled my eyes, King raised and eyebrow and began to run again. I groaned and started to try to run.

"King, how many flights ARE THERE?" I asked panting, she poked her head out from a small wood door. Yep we are in a old place I thought smelling dust and mildew. I walked inside King pointed up a set of rickety looking stairs and gestured for me to go first.

"Oh ladies first." She said bowing slightly and pushed me toward the stairs

"Hey, you called yourself the man not me." I said placing a foot on the bottom stair checking it for rotten areas.

"That is not what I meant now walk blondie." King said putting her hands on her hips and jut a finger up the stairs.

I bolted up the stairs and threw open a door.

"WAIT FOR ME!" King said flying up the stairs behind me. I threw open the door and a light gust of humid air lifted my honey blonde hair off my golden skin. I widened out my green eyes looking at the incredible view. The sunlight setting over the tree tops and the green rolling hills bathed in the early night light.

"Oh, Oh wow!" I said enthusiasticly glancing at King.

"I know right its amazing Fred showed it to me when I came to visit my older sister for the holidays." King said with a sigh. Oh someone likes Fred...... I felt my lips curve into a smirk. Kings short black hair whipped around her face and  she narrowed her light hazel eyes at me.

"What was the smirk for?" She asked studying my face

"Oh nothing" I said looking back at the sunlight.

"Oh you little assbutt I know that aint true mate, tell me before I tickle it out of you" She threatened, I held my hands up in surrender, I was just too tickleish.

"Fine, that you like Fred" I giggled as she turned red "Sorry it is a wee bit obvious. With the whole dramatic sigh" I knew I was then in turn going to be interrogated. Iv'e known her less than a day and I already knew her personality.

"Yeah well, Are there any perticular Snakes that you caught scent of?" She finished her sentence by flicking her tongue out at me. I threw my head back and laughed

"Oh my dear King, you answer me first."

"Fine, yes I like Fred always have. You see about 4 years..was it 4 maybe 5.. anyway. My mother and I had a huge fight and I took and extendable bag and walked out the door. I walked for about a couple days and one day I woke up and two redheads were in my tent and they asked me to go with them to the 'bungalo'. See thats where there house is" She explained I nodded along. "Since I figured out which is which I slowly grew to like Fred more and well yup that about it." I could see there was something else she wasn't telling me.

"And what else." I asked slowly, she looked up at me slowly with a look of shock.

"I- Uh- Yeah, Um, well you see I had a huge crush on Malfoy, and uh, I sort of, uh, asked him to the halloween dance....DONT YOU DARE LAUGH AT ME! But he called me a mudblood. And well Fred sort of almost killed him." My mouth dropped open. I imagined Draco with his handsome face cut up and bruised it made me sick. Why do I react so strongly to him I shook off the thoughts and turned my mind back to the conversation at hand.

"So any snakes?" King asked looking pointedly at me as if she heard my thoughts.

"Nope I dont know them well enough." I said slightly bluffing. I didn't like anyone...Didn't I? Nope, I thought trying to convince myself.

"Okay then Blondie, Lets go inside you need to get a bed, Hermy saved me one so let us go." She said standing up dusting off her muggle clothes and putting a hand down into my face. She pulled me up and we walked down the stairs, talking and lauhging at jokes. I asked about the Quittach Team and she almost turned the shade of a apple.

"Gryffindors Seeker is Harry, Im a bludger with Fred and George, Our goalie is Ron and The team captain is Oliver Wood. He is one nice looking man." She said I laughed at her and she went cross-eyed to make me laugh harder. Her british accent seemed to fit her look of general quirckyness. I liked it. King looked like she was fueling up for an arguement.

"Slytherin, cheating little- Ah sorry, The seeker is Draco, the have an open bludger spot , hint hint, and the other two bludgers are Crabbe and Goyle. Big baffoons but they pack a punch, your goalie is Pansy" King must have noticed my face, she laughed "You can hit her during practice and sadly for you the team captain is Flint just wink at him or something and he will let you on the team. Pansy sucks so I don't even wanna think about how she is on the field." We both shivered at the thought.

Ew that was a major ew. We continued to walk the halls until we reached the entrance to the basement.

"Well this is as far as I dare to go, make a Slytherin friend, I'll see you in charms tomorrow! Bye Rose!" She waved and walked down the hall bobbing her head to an unheard song. Well here goes nothing I mumbled.

"Nimbus Nimbula"

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