Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


1. Intro's and welcomes

I was being chased, that much I knew. I was running through the forest behind my house shooting spells and curses behind me at the one thing that could possibly drag me to the dark side. A hell hound headed from me to the dark lord.    "Ponere Corpus Ligaveris!!!" A horrid lound crash happened behind me but i didnt bother stopping, I needed to get to my family. Running up to our house I threw open the door to our smoking ranch. "RUN ROSA RU...!" My mom's cut off scream made me realize just how serious this was my dad threw open the door to me grabbed me and ran. Screaming for my slaughtered mother, crying for my broken family. That was 5 years ago on my 11th birthday.

Sitting up with a start I wiped the tears running down my cheeks. I sat up and looked around my plain navy room. It was so small if i laid on the floor I could reach from on wall to the other. A small window light up the grimy humid room. I watched the dust particles blow and settle through the light. I stood and streched my body and pulled off my night clothes.I started to change into my black tee-shirt and distressed jeans and a pair of spikey heels. The perks of being 5'4 I can wear heels.  Folding my Hogwarts uniform and placing it into my messanger bag. Shoving my wand into my jeans and starting to brush my wavy honey blonde hair. Not to brag but it looks like a casade of honey poured on my head. It clashed with my bottle green eyes and pale skin and freckles. I saw sadness, lonely-ness and an look of sad acceptance in my eyes. Same day after day. I looked at my bag, knowing that just under the lid and my clothes (its an ever-extenable bag) was a moving photo of my parents. My dads green eyes and choppy black hair, and my mom beautiful face, Long amber hair and blue eyes. I used my wand to create and illusion of an candle and a cake, I blew out the false image and imagined the taste. My Uncle usually wasnt home and didnt buy food. So either I didnt eat or I went shopping alone in Diagon Alley. Well little food it is because it gives me the creeps. The stares are worse. I knew from basic family history I was some part veevela or siren and that helped in the looks department, my mom and dad were both purebloods so I am too. I didnt agree with alot of the pureblood beliefs my Uncle taught so I just pretended to listen. If I didnt well that a story for another time.

My Uncles dead-panned voice that showed his boredoem and hatered for the world

"Wake up you baffoon, and dress you have a visitor."

 Bloody well knowing it was my first day attended Hogwarts. Hogwarts was a school of 'Witchcraft and Wizardry for talented and excelled.' Or so said my best friend, Hermione.  I really hated my Uncle. He has creepy black eyes that always narrowed when you talked, Black just brushing his shoulders greasy looking hair, pasty skin and a face so hard I think that a rock would be jealous. When he looks 'happy' he looks like he is in pain. He never talked to me nicely, it was mostly like how Hermione told me he was with students.

 I rolled my eyes smugging on some black eyeliner and did my lipgloss . 'Yes, Uncle I'll join you soon." I called back. Grabbing my bag and patted my pocket for my wand. I walked out of my 'room' Standing behind me was my house elf or so i thought it was a elf that frequented or house me and Snape shared. Not that I was introduced or even acknowleged. I knew he was a death-eater but there wasn't much I could do or say. But I knew he would never let me get the mark or be noticed by them. Why? Well thats also for another time. I bounded down the stairs as my excietment mounted. I stopped at the bottom step, slid on a mask of indifference and straightened my posture so a manniquin would bejealous. My Uncle was leaning on the door frame and staring correction- glaring at a small house elf.

"Hello Uncle." I said, My Uncles black eyes looked at mine and a flicker of annoyance passed over his stone features.  I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Uncle looked pointedly at the small elf, who looked ready to pass out. It snapped its fingers and an small box and a cage appered on the table.

"The Malfoys, have a school starting gift. For you Miss Snape?" I thought my uncle was going to barf or hit the small elf.

"No, You imbecile, SHE is a Bishop, Rosalie Bishop." He sneered at the elf who looked embarressed.

"My...My apologies. A thousand apologies." the elf swermed in place. I didnt dare speak yet knowing the consequences if i did.



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