Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


10. Into the Snakes Mouth and an Eagles Radar


******Rose's POV******

I stared dumbly at the Green and silver arched doorway. A very bored looking magical silver snake slithered around the door. A sudden burst of anger hit me and I kicked the door. Not smart. My foot collided with a steel bar of the doors hinges.

"Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow!" I grabbed my foot and hopped, the silver snake hissed in what sounded like it couldv'e been a laugh.

"Okay You are going to let me in...Right now...!" I looked threateningly at the snake, his small black eyes glared at me

"Passssssword?" He hissed, I opened my mouth to tell him that I didnt know, but a cool lilted British accent rung out behind me.

"Nimbus Nimbula" I turned around, Draco leaned against the wall. In the dank dark corrider he looked compeltly the opposite. His light hair seemed to give off a light of its own, His gray/blue eyes glowed back at me with amusement, he smirked at me like he knew he was a knight in shining armour. Clearly he expected me to start grovelling in thanks.

"Having a little trouble are we? Or where you just planning on sleeping in the hall all night?" He chided as the snake slid into the key hole and the green and silver door swung open. I blushed

"No, I had just forgotten the password" I staightened out my shoulders and lifted my face. He laughed.

"Course you did, Your lucky I came along, who knows who wouldve come along." I snorted and rolled my eyes

"Yes because the scum of the earth thrive on girls like me" His eyes sparkled at me as we stepped inside the common room. I took in my surroundings in a sweep. A large green fireplace held a green fire, black and silver accented the room and large mahogeny. Turning back to Draco who had taken to lounging on the large black couch.

"I suppose they do, Innocence is fun to wreck." He said with a grin

"Ah, but only what they percieve to be innocence." I retorted biting back a smile of my own.

"Fair enough" He patted the cushion nearest to him, I walked over and sat on the cushion farthest from him, He chuckled under his breath. I tried not to look amused and twirled my hair on my right.

"Just how innocent do you think I am Mr.Malfoy?" the use of his last name made his grimace slightly

"Draco, call me Draco" I turned and moved slightly closer. His eyes followed the small movement.

"Avoiding the question Draco?" He seemed content with my use of his name.

"I dont avoid anything, Rose, I think innocence isnt seen. I'd guess you happen to be more innocent than others, in more ways then one." His eyes boring into my own green. He was right, completly actually. I moved closer, we were on cushion away from eachother. I leaned in and so did he, the air snapped and boiled. The sound of steps coming down the stairs made me jump back, Draco groaned at the distance. Pansy's sleepy face suddenly woke up as if she was hit in the face, I stared blankly at the fire as Draco gave her such a dirty look I thought she'd melt.

"Well, Drackie whats going on here?" Her nasal voice hurt my ears this early. He sneered and I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing at 'Drackie'.

"Havent you ever seen two people not being able to sleep? And what did we talk about there is NO calling me 'Drackie' ever you foul excuse for a girl." He sneered at her. She didnt even register the words, you could see the light in her eyes that she twisted his words into something playful and romantic.

"Well I know, I was coming to talk to you, lovey, and dirty not foul." Her response almost made my eyes bug out of my head. I felt sick to my stomach. Draco's trained face shown green in the magic firelight the green reflected my feelings perfectly. Even he looked slightly nauseus.

"I'll leave you two alone, um I'll just go to sleep!" I sputtered out quickly and practically jogged up the stairs. Draco and that vile girl made me sick. I didnt know why but I knew I didnt like it. I looked around the girls commons it was black, with black bed curtains and a silver snake on them. I noticed an empty one tucked in the corner of the room with my chest on it. I quickly changed and pulled down the covers. I let out a sigh. Tomorrow was another battle. Sleep didnt reach me until early in the morning....

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