Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


6. In the end certain people can really piss me off.


I snapped back to reality when I heard Pansy wail and start to scrub her face on her dress robes. Her nose that I broke began to bleed she suddenly jumped up and hit one of the Great Halls candles. She scared it so much the poor candle went out. Nearly Headless Nick and the Bloody Baron her wailing echoed off the high vaulted ceilings causing a scene. The Gryffindors looked over I saw Hermione and caught her eye as I rolled my eyes and mouthed 'Drama Queen' and she played an invisble violin. At that both me and her broke into laughter, I was gasping trying to catch my breathe. I looked at Draco with a large smile on my face he just looked at me with a blank expression.

"Oh come on have a sense of humor" I said still giggling, one blonde eyebrow crept up on one side and a dangerous look flashed in his eyes

"Oh I have a sense of humor, it just has to be funny first." He said sipping whatever was in his glass. I rolled my eyes at his comment

"Oh come on don't be so high and mighty."

"I am mighty at quittiach, and quite a bit taller than you." I snorted and the corners of his lips drew up in a slight smirk

"Well I don't suppose I can beat you at height but I can beat you at quittiach." I said with a look that said 'Dont fuck with me'. He answered that look with a look of boredom but his gray-blue eyes leaped with amusement.

"I doubt that." I felt dizzy and i realized he was closer to my face than he should be I immedietly broke eye contact and looked at Blaise. Blaise had his mouth open and a chicken leg frozen in his mouth.

"Did...Did the Slytherin Prince emotion?! Way to go Rosalie you broke him." He said after he finished being a statue.

"I am not broken you git, I am just enjoying a girls company." Draco said smoothly. I felt my cheeks glowing pink. A rather ugly looking man came over.

"Hey dollface, Im Flint, the resident prefect. Can I get a what-what?" He looked at me expectently.

"Um, what what?" I said sceptical of this rather mousy looking man with bad skin and teeth. His greasy black hair was combed into thick wet looking lines and his pale skin was covered in grease and red spots. Barf. Expecially compared to the man he was standing near. Draco's gray-blue eyes shown and his perfect teeth and white-blonde hair fell in his eyes in its usual moppish style that would've been ridiculous on anyone else his mouth was curved upward in a small grin.

"Hey okay a partier and sexy" Flint said I saw Blaise laugh and almost choke on his water.

"Now you need to come with me so I can show you around, Our dorms are in the basement and I'll show you my room so you can come right to me with any problems" He said with a wink, I gave Draco and Blaise a look of helplessness.

"Erm, well, uh, just tell me the password and my friends can help me, um, thanks?" I said hoping to deture the things affection and hope. Draco and Blaise seemed to notice. Blaise slung an arm over my shoulder in a brotherly protective way and Draco seemed to cringe and Blaise touching me. Flint wasn't deturred. AT ALL. He reminded me of the creepy man the wizard foster home put me with after my parents murder.

"Flint will have um nevermind with anything that moves, ignore him, the Slytherin password is 'Nimbus Nimbula', Im Kingsley McFreaky, odd name I bloody well know. I am a Gryffindor and I am one of Hermione's only girlfriends before Valkeri but she is a ghost so we don't really count that." said a sudden light airy voice that seemed to ring with happyness, like talking to Luna Lovegood for too long. I looked up. It was a rather attractive girl, she had a pixie cut with dark black hair that framed her pale skin and green/brown eyes. She had on a Gryffindor uniform that made her athletic and thin figure seem slightly more curvy.

"Hi King, I'm Rosalie, sit next to me we will chat." I slid closer to Draco which made me blush uncontrolably. On the cramped wooden bench from our knees to hips were touching, I could practically feel the heat through my skirt and his pants. He coughed awkwardly and did something I never saw coming.

"Just go away mud-blood. You arn't welcome here." With a sneer that distored his handsome features. I could practically feel my suprise I turned to King fearing she would be mad or in tears.But what I saw shocked me more. Her features where blank like a borning lesson or a poker face.

"You vile, hideous cockroach, you go away, I may be a mud-blood but that means I can hurt you with two backrounds Malfoy." She spit at him and sat down next to me. I saw color rise in Draco's cheecks. Uhuh he was just insulted this wasn't going to end well and i am in the middle. Lucky me.

"You say vile, hideous cockroach like its a bad thing." I started laughing at her saying the words before him. He got up and was flanked by Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise who muttered an apology for leaving. I turned and laughed right along with Kingsley at how arrogant and dumb he was acting. Laughing she told me about how she came from America, growing up with everyone and who everyone was.

"All Draco use to say was 'Just wait untill my father hears about this!' at least he grew up a little." She said rolling her eyes I held up and finger and waved it at her

"But at least he is good-looking." I added to her Draco Malfoy rant. We laughed until everyone started to filter out of the hall.



"Let's go to the astronomy tower, I suck at astronomy but it's nice out."

"Alright but your carrying me!" I warned her as she stuck her tongue out at me and bolted out the door. All I was thinking was who is this new psycho? But I like her. Hah I guess i need to work on my friendship skills or maybe I just attract other oddballs.


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