Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


12. For you


After our morning incounter with Draco, I avoided the side of the table he sat at yesterday. The trianlges of toast and bowls of eggs sat in front of me. I poured some milk in the coffee I was having and stared at the steam coming off the cup. After zoning out Blaise snapped his fingers multiple times in my face he chuckled.

"Sorry I am not a morning person" I said after I observed him shove at least 3 pieces of toast down his throat. He just nodded and tried to laugh at the expression I was making at him. Crumbles splayed over the table.

"Lovely manners Blaise." He looked rather proud and nodded. I heard Kingsley's voice enter. I told Blaise I'd be right back. I got up and walked over to her. Her short black hair was rumpled and her pale eyes were lined with dark circles.

"Hey King, So I really needed to talk to you" I looked at her and she nodded and yawned sleepily. I leaned over the Hufflepuffs table and grabbed the coffee cup from a blonde Huffelpuff. She whipped around flabbergasted. I rolled my eyes and sneered.

"You dont need it, anymore than I do. Now turn around." She looked insulted and turned around again. I shoved the cup into Kings hands.

"Thanks mate, it was a late night." I nodded. We walked out of the great hall into an open hallway. The cool autum air rustled my long blonde hair into my face. King looked worn out, drained almost sad.

"What happened?" I was worried for her, she told me what happened. The edges of my vision throbbed red when she started to tear up of what the red head said.

"I am so sorry, I didnt know that would have happened" I glanced up at the tall marble ceilings. The intricite carvings were wasted up so high. I thought about trying to help, my wand hand tingled. It was like I was the wand. I widened my green eyes when the blue hue around King began to shift. The almost invisible blue light moved into a ball. I watched almost in horror as the ball went right into my chest. I felt the guilt settle on my consiousness and the familiar throbbing of guilt and emotion soared. I felt my heart beat increase with the stress, anxiety and guilt. I looked in her calm eyes. That wasnt normal....

"Rose? You look like you saw a ghost? Did something happen?" Kings personality returned and she looked like she had just woken up from a long sleep. I nodded, my energy took a dive. My vision was slightly blurry, I put my hand on the cold marble wall and leaned heavily against it.

"Just a little thing...." I felt guilty again. I felt my own blush rise at my own actions. King looked at me oddly. She rolled her eyes at me and laughed.

"Well someones all bright eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Anything happen?" Hermiones voice echoed behind us, I opened my mouth to answer her. But King beat me to it.

"Malfoy fancies little Rose here" I slapped her arm and shushed her, Hermione laughed and so did King. The painted red blush in my cheeks did little to help.

"Do you know what I would have done if he heard you?!" I threatened narrowing my eyes. King and Hermione glanced at each other and backed up

"Someones in Looooveeeeeeee!" They retreated back into the hall togther. My elation and embarssment lasted a moment. The smile dropped off my face, I really needed to know what that blue...thing was. I walked slowly into the hall, in a haze I walked toward the green and silver banner to which I was becoming accustomed to. My black messenger bag was still where I left it, but the seat wasnt empty. A very familiar white blond head was sitting in my abandoned seat. I tried to grab my bag as fast as a could. A tan hand snapped up and gripped my wrist

"Going somewhere?" His gray eyes leapt and his face broke into the sarcastic grin that seemed to be plastered to his face.

"Yes the Library before 1st, You can let go now Dra-Malfoy, you can let go now Malfoy." My face had a slight dusting of pink I felt. He looked amused, his thumb ran over the sensitive part of my wrist. My knees almost gave but I caught myself, Draco looked like a cat whose owner spilt cream. He slowly let go and stood up.

"I'll go with you. Surely you know about manners" Blaise had a curious expression that I knew made me out for a talking later. It was my turn to roll my eyes/

"Yeah, I don't think so." I walked away, pulling my own white hair out from under the strap. The clamor of the hall was loud so I was just hoping he took the hint. A large hand wrapping around my waist told me no. I looked up at him, Draco was looking straight ahead, I squirmed.

"Good God, do you ever stop moving?" He asked exasperated recoiling his hand.

"If I stop moving thats a problem." I looked ahead and pushed open the heavy wooden door to the library. The musty smell of books hit my nose so did dust. I felt my eyes water and my face scrunch up. I stuck my tounge out and bit it to stop the sound. Draco just shook his head but the small smile stayed. He sat in one of the wooden chairs that looked like it was in danger of snapping. I took the oppertunity to duck behind the book stacks. I outlined the leather imprinting on the leather bounds in mystical enigma section. A large black book with golden letter stood out, the faded binding was unreadable. I pulled the book out to see Harry silently arguing with what looked like himself I took teh book into my arms and walked over.

"Hullo Harry" I smiled wide, his anxious eyes bolted up to mine, He stood up and the chair fell.

"We have no time, We need to leave to prepare, Oh its coming, Rose, its coming for us, for you!" He gripped my shoulders and shook me with every word. His fingers dug into my shoulders.

"Ow, Ow Harry, Let go! What are you talking about? Whats coming for me?" His eyes looked crazed and his black hair was stuck up at all angles. His fingers still clawing into me, I was struggling trying to pull his hands off my shoulders.

"The Dark One, your his property Rose, he's coming for his daughter, her gift of light, removal of the emotion she can fix his broken horcruxx. His key to live lies in the pandoras box he made his child." His voice was raspy but serious. Disbelief colored my mind. I was not that things anything.

"Harry, Harry! How? How can I do that?" His grip loosened and his arms fell away, the bruises I knew would stay behind. His eyes rolled back into his head and he muttered one word I never wanted to hear. He looked angered at the questions his hand moved off my shoulder and I closed my eyes, a hard punch hit me in the face. The snap of my nose and the taste of metallic blood was in my mouth, I raised my shaky hand to touch my nose. He kicked me in the side, and let a hard punch hit me in the cheek again. He stood with a wild look highlighting his already dazed eyes.  I crawled away from his figure.  He stopped suddenly.

"C-C-Check your mothers side shes not who she appeared." His eyes came back, I pushed myself up and stood half shaking, he looked confused, his eyes flicked to my split lip, torn robes, bruised face and the blood running from my nose, lip and gash in my cheek. Harry reached his hands out to me again, I screamed and ran down the small rack

"S-S-SSStay Away from me!" I yelled shrilly at Harry.

"Rose, You need to listen to me! Please! I wont hurt you anymore! I promise it was an accident!" I heard Draco calling in the distance. Harry's eyes were wide, his glasses magnifying the horror I felt on my face. His black hair was still crazed and he looked pale. His lightening bolt was a painful red color.  He ran at me just as he was about to reach me and a black figure dove into him like a football player. Draco was pummling his fist into Harrys face. I called his name, is gray eyes shot over to me, the edge of my vision was tinged with black and I felt myself slump over like a puppet whose strings were cut. The occational throbs of pain told me I was alive. Then it was over, I just blacked out.

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