Serpintine Rose

Laying on the cold cobble of the Astronomy tower with a wand pointed in my face. What do you do when the person behind the wand is the person you'd take a spell and unforgiveable curse for? He gave a whole new meaning to betrayal.


3. All is fair in love, war, and chocolate frogs


Just as I opened my mouth to respond the worst sound I ever head was emitted from right behind me.

"Drackie!!!! I missed you!!" screamed the ugliest...thing.. I have ever seen. It was high pitched and nasal and judging by the smoshed nose on her I wasnt shocked. Her thin, pale body pushed mine out of the way with force. She instantly attached herself to him. Well the tingling in my elbow told me it was gunna hurt tomorrow. Never mind it hurt now.

"Not this again...!" I heard his mom groan. Pulling myself up off the ground I nodded at them and walked into the train cursing under my breath.

"That lovely creature was Pansy Parkison" said a deep scottish voice that resounded from behind me

"Oh, Hullo, you scared me, Im Rosalie." I smiled cheerily putting my hand toward the voice.

"Im Blaise Zambini, thats Crabbe and the idiot is Goyle." he said pointing to two more people shaking my hand. His dark black hair, tan skin and dark eyes raked up and down the length of me.

"Oh hullo, I dont know where to go can I sit with you?" I asked looking for a sign of sometype, lost I gave him a helpless look. Blaise nodded and put his hands on my shoulders and turned my through confusing twists and turns until we hit a green, silver and black room, with many little rooms and benches. Seeing them sit on the cushioned benches I sat down propping my feet against the other side. Talking all the way, we discover at least 9 first years making out and at least 2 people practing spells with us just barley doging them.

"So, M' boys where is food?" I said through a yawn a smirking Blaise decided to answer when he was done taking a inventory of me.

"I'll take you to the candy cart do you have some galleons?" he asked raising a brow at my giggle i let go.

"I never pay for anything I can get for free." I said winking and standing

"Well then I'd like to see that lets go." He said jumping up and walking out the door, following close behind I saw a blonde head and a greasy haired girl talking. Realizing who it was I caught up with my escort grabbing his arm, He looked at me and smirked

"I wouldnt want to lose my guide now would I?" I blinked out a quick excuse and smiled

"If thats your reason it's fine with me." He said, smelling chocolate my entire body reacted with me inhaling deeply and dragging Blaise towards the smell.

"Well, someones a choco-holic." He jokes poking my thin waist,

"Shush Zambini and tell me what to get." I ordered saluting me he discretly pointed to a box with a face on it. Pulling the tanktop down slightly I pulled my dirty blonde almost honey colored hair down from its ponytail. It cascaded down my shoulders to my waist like a honey-gold silk waterfall. I tapped the waiter, a middle-aged good looking man who shamelessly looked me over. I saw Blaise roll his eyes and turn to talk to someone in one of the cabins.

"Are these any good?" I asked blinking at him with a smile.

"Yeah they are the best, but they cost 20 galleons." He responded with a smile brighter than my own.

"Well my money is in my trunk and i cant get to it." I offered popping out my bottom lip slightly.

"Yeah take them " he said not quite realizing what happened I tossed the box to Zambini and ran after Blaise.

"How did you do that?" he said dumfounded through a mouth full of chocolate. Pulling the box from him I simply bowed and said through a full mouth

"Magic." he released a snort and pointed to the last chocolate in my hand after he polished off another 10. Pulling my hang closed around the small chocolate giving him the eye

"Dont think about it Zambini!!!! Dont you Dare!!!" I said and backed down the hall as he stepped toward me

"Oh yes, give me the chocolate, if you know what good for you Rosie!" he said running at me with a mad giggle I ran down the corrider of the train just as we rounded a corner I smashed the chocolate all over someones face. I quickly saw blonde and a pair of handsome gray-blue eyes.

"Oh, Shi...!" Blaise exclaimed as he rounded the corner after me.

"I.Am.SO.SORRY!!" I breathed out with a breath I didnt realize I was holding. I apoligized as I saw it was Draco, watching him pull a cherry out of his hair.

"Well, that was SO thoughtful! I love chocolate, but I think you missed my mouth." he said sarcastically.

"D-D-R-R-AAACKKIEEEE!!!" Pansy shouted running over shoving his head onto her chest she shushed him like a baby, him trying to get his head out of the head-lock she had him in was hilarious. Giggling I bit my finger to stop from laughing by Blaise's loud laugh made me lose it. Holding our sides, Pansy finally released Draco.

"You did that on purpose just to ruin my DATE!!." She screamed in my face, I noticed several people stick their heads out to see Pansy's next victim.

"Look, I am new here and..." I was quickly cut off my the girls wailing. I cannot stand crying to maybe I was a little mean but I snapped back at her "Now your, 'Drackie' is edible." I felt a ligh slap touch me. A chorus of 'OHHHHSS' followed. Turning my back to her I whirled around and slammed a fist straight into her nose, a sharp crack followed and the rush of blood and adrenaline hit me I walked away hearing the girls distressed crys of pain. Hermione, Harry, Ron and Blaise all started talking to me at once and smiling I blew on my knuckles and replied with 'Im just that good.'

"Rosie, I think your my new best-friend." howled Blaise over his laughter looking back at Pansy sitting on the floor nursing her broken nose. Harry and Ron just awkwardly patted your shoulder and walked into the bathroom to change. Me and Hermione did the same. Blaise told us he would wait at the cabin with Crabbe and Goyle. Using magic to change, we dived into the topic of my sorting.

"Where do you wanna go?" she asked bouncing on the ottoman trying to get comfortable.

"I dunno, Slytherian?" I said with an eyeroll

"Why?" Of course, she would ask.

"Because I dont know any others..?" I retorted

"Well thats a good answer!" she giggled

"So what, is a slap like equal to someone killing a puppy?" I asked, frowning at myself in the mirror with my pale skin.

"Well, the only fight I know of between girls was me, punching Draco." Hermione laughed and we walked out trying to catch our breathes from our hysterical laughter. Shoving my clothes in my extenadable bag, Hermione, Blaise, and I exited the train blankly following them we grabbed our things and saw these little wooden carts I assumed are our rides.

"What are the black things pulling them?" I asked Blaise

"What are you talking about they are pulled by magic?" he responded confused by my odd question. Clearly looking at it, a creepy black horse as it snorted a cloud of air at us. Gathering my things I jumped quickly into Hermione's cart with Ron, and Harry. Lowering myself onto a seat, I felt something sharp prick my rear.

"OW!" I yelped and jumped up, looking at the seat a small purpleish-green plant was retracting spikes, that im assuming i sat on. It resembled the muggle thing, a sea urchin or whatever its called.

"BE CAREFUL!" cried a thin gawky looking boy with bad teeth, he moved over and grabbed the spikey plant and began to cuddle it like a pet. Hermione just rolled her eyes and introduced me, but Neville Longbottom didnt hold my attention. Hermione talked about how over this Thanksgiving break she was with her family. But I couldn't pay attention to her a certain blonde with gray-blue eyes like ice. No what was wrong with me? He dominated my thoughts untill a magnificent castle came into view. I gaped at the old castle that looked like a hoard of knights were about to come rushing out.

"Am I really staying here?!" I sputtered out, my eyes as wide as saucers. I gazed limply at all my new friends and broke into a huge smile that made me feel so happy. A happyness that made me feel estatic, weightless, breathless and in wonder for something I've never felt, Home.

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