Three Days and More

Taylor was listening to the radio when she heard about staying with one direction for three whole days! She invited her friend Jenna to come to since she loves one direction! Will the two girls get together with there celebrity crushes or will the just experience a one in a lifetime oppurtunity


2. Telling Jenna

Taylors POV

 OMG! I had two tickets to hang out with One Direction! I quickly phoned Jenna and asked if she wanted to meet One Direction. "YES! I WANT TO MEET THEM SO BAD!!!!!!!" She yelled. "Well what if I told you that I have two tickets to hang out with One Direction for 3 WHOLE DAYS!!!!! " I sorta asked. "OMG! OMG! OMG!" She screamed. I held the phone away from my ear while she freaked out. When she was finally done she asked when we leave, as a joke I said "We?" She never said anything. After a few minutes i said "Just kidding of course your coming, we leave tomorrow so pack your stuff and I'll come get you tomorrow." "Ok good... But what's going to happen tomorrow?" Jenna asked "Well first I get a taxi, pick you up, than ill give you your name tag because you need them so they can find us, go to the airport, fly to California and One Direction will be in disguise and see our name rage and take us to their hotel I'm guessing." "Pffff they will see our name tags haha ok see you tomorrow!" Jenna finished "You bet! Bye!"

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