Three Days and More

Taylor was listening to the radio when she heard about staying with one direction for three whole days! She invited her friend Jenna to come to since she loves one direction! Will the two girls get together with there celebrity crushes or will the just experience a one in a lifetime oppurtunity


4. On the Plane

Taylors POV

While we were on the plane we watched Pitch Perfect, Ted, and Bridesmaids. By the time Bridesmaids was done we were in California and we were getting ready to land. When we got off the plane, it was sunny, blue sky, and beautiful. Now all we had to do was go inside and find One Direction.

Zayns POV

We sat in the airport waiting for our two fans, Taylor and Jenna. We had our disguises on so no one new it was us. We saw a bunch of people come out where the girls were suppose to come out of. After a while we saw The two girls with the name tags when they were close enough for me to read I saw it was them and I went up to them and whispered "Hey girls! I'm Zayn, I'll come help you get your bags and go ok?"

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